Dangerous Illusions

Title: Dangerous Illusions
Author: Barb Goss
Genre: Christian Romance
Length: 190 Pages
Purchase: Amazon

 When Kate arrives in Hays, Kansas to teach in a one room schoolhouse, she learns she will be "boarding around". She is alarmed to learn she'd be boarding at the home of Josh Redfield. Could she board in the home of a man thought to have killed his wife?
I enjoyed the story line here, but the formatting of the book made it very difficult to read. There's a double space between EVERY. SINGLE. PARAGRAPH. It drove me insane. It breaks up the flow while you're reading, and is jarring every time. From Beginning to end. I hoped I would get used to it, but I never did. I think it's fine to have it when you're doing a time jump, but here it was consistent throughout, whether in the middle of a conversation or before a time jump. It made it very difficult to read. Thankfully, the story itself pushed though that. Two other quick comments on editing/formatting and I'll move along!
It definitely needs another comb through for editing mistakes. Particularly where quotations are concerned, sometimes they were in the wrong places, opened, but not closed, closed, but never opened, and even just skipped altogether. If it were a few times I wouldn't have made an issue of it, but it was fairly consistent and distracting. The other comment there is the way Kate's thoughts are written. It randomly switches to the first person, no quotes or italics at all. Again, consistent and incredibly distracting. I had to stop so many times and figure out exactly what was going on.
Moving on. For the most part, I really enjoyed the story and felt that it flowed rather nicely. I guessed wrong a couple of times, which is always nice. One huge, glaring issue with the story is Anna. She's supposedly five but is incredibly well spoken, can knit, crochet, and embroider well enough to teach an adult? Give me a break. That made me laugh so hard. No five year old, then, or now is that capable. Making her ten would have made it believable, but five is just ridiculous.
I loved watching Kate grow and mature as the story went about. I thought the character development for the most part was well done and the story was easy to get into and enjoy. Even despite all the issues I've pointed out, the story itself was compelling enough to keep me turning the pages and missing it when I was away from my Kindle

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Book Relaunch~ The Legend of Shark Island

Isola di Squalo is getting a new look!

And just in time for both Princess Terra, and author, Heidi's birthdays!

Let's take a look and then make sure to pop by and pick up our copies as a way to congratulate and wish

Heidi the happiest of birthdays!

Series: The Book of Delmar
Genre: New Adult
Pages: 371
Author: Heidi Peltier

 The Royal Delmar family is bound by an oath to protect the people and the island of Isola di Squalo.  A legendary beast ensures they do.
Dylan Murphy only came to the Mediterranean to study sharks, but an early-run in with Princess Terra Delmar destroys his plans and entangles him in her family's mystery. A simple swim off the island's coast puts him face to face with a giant shark and changes his destiny.  The return of the beast means trouble for the Delmars. How far will Dylan go to help them?


Review~ Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

Today I'm reviewing the MYS Homeware Salt and Pepper Grinder Set.

This set includes two stainless steel/glass grinders, a peeler, a small silicone funnel, and a cleaning brush. I've already reviewed a nearly identical peeler, so I'm not going to do it again.

The grinders themselves are a nice glass and stainless steel, they're adjustable to be course-fine. They're a generous size and attractive. Not much else to say there! They do the job they're meant to do!

I love the little funnel, it's perfect for adding salt and pepper to your grinders, and folds nearly flat for storage.

Lastly, the cleaning brush. It has stiff bristles, perfect for getting into all the tough to clean places.


Book Review~ Second Chance for Love

Title: Second Chance for Love
Genre: Cleanish* Romance Anthology
Length: 258 Pages
Purchase: Amazon

Who says love doesn’t come around again? 
Seven stories of single parents finding love for the second time. 

I'll be reviewing each story individually and then giving an overall review at the end!
Each story's synopsis is in bold, followed by my review in normal font. 

*I say cleanish because while there are no "pink parts" there is some minor cursing, fade to black, and innuendo. I know that's not clean by some standards. 

The Ticket to her Heart by D. G. Driver 
Dalton Jones is a traffic cop who feels guilty about giving a speeding ticket to a beautiful single mom. With his teenage daughter’s help, he finds a way to meet the woman again, and they fall for each other. Only, he’s neglected to tell her who he really is. 

This was a cute one. I like the general premise and story line, but Dalton's relationship with his daughter isn't clearly defined and a few times I had to remind myself she was his daughter and not an adult friend. It was hard to tell if they were close and had a good relationship or not. At times it felt like they did, but at other times it felt like he didn't know her well at all and they were a little disconnected. 

One thing I really liked was that it was told solely from the male perspective, which is refreshing. That's not something you see often in romance, it was a nice change. Overall I thought it was a nice, sweet story with a well thought out plot, even for as short as it was. It was a nice way to spend a summer afternoon.

The Perfect Beginning by Nancy Pennick 
Tracy DeMarco hasn’t been on a date with a man in five years. She has a child to raise and a job she likes. Her daughter says she needs to get a life. Tracy thought hers was fine until a vampire shows up on her doorstep one Halloween night. 

I really enjoyed this one. I grew up with a single mom, so I know how that mother/daughter line gets blurred sometimes and you're more like friends with your mom. I felt that reality was portrayed well here. One criticism I have though is that there are several instances where large chunks of background are just kind of spewed at the reader in an unnatural and forced way from the characters. I get that a lot of background is difficult to fit into such a short story, but is awkward to have them recount the marriage/divorce like they hadn't lived it. It was just odd and awkward. The parts where Tracy herself reflects on her marriage work well, but the ones with her and Emma are just too much. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this story.

A Love for Michelle by Tara Fox Hall 
Left by her boyfriend on the same night she lost her job, Michelle isn't looking for love when she runs into Max and his two children while sledding. In a few short months, the new couple is inseparable. Then Michelle realizes she's pregnant with her ex's child. Will Max love her enough to accept a baby that isn't his? 

I wasn't a fan of this one. At. All. There was very little dialogue, and far too much telling. There really wasn't much relationship building, or anything to make you feel invested in the characters at all. I hate to be so negative, but I'm having a tough time finding anything I really liked about this one, and I'm sorry for that. But, the author never gives us a real feel for any of the characters, I was never able to connect to them. It was all very glossed over, not well executed at all.

The Price of Silence by Katie Stephens 
Even though Maggie and Rob are divorced, neither can deny the love they still have for each other. As they wonder why their marriage failed, Maggie's artistic agent is determined to have her. Grant befriends her children in a bid to make her his wife, but will Rob stand aside and allow another man to take his children ... and his soulmate? 

I love this one! My only issue is I felt the beginning was a little choppily pieced together, otherwise this is my favorite so far. It's very well developed for a short story. I cried, laughed, worried, and bonded with the characters. It was just so well written, not much else to say really!

Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now by Caroline Andrus 
Celebrity photographer Rebecca thought her life was perfect, until she walked in on her husband and the nanny—in bed. A drunk phone call later, she’s managed to snag the most sought after male nanny in Los Angeles. Months later, at her best friend’s urging, she dives back into the dating pool, but will she end up with Mr. Right Now, or will she realize Mr. Right is already at home with her kids? 

This one starts out with Rebecca and her best friend, Jessica coming across as real snobs that want little to do with their children. As the story progresses we see that Rebecca does care about her kids and want to be involved with them, but setting it up the way she did made it hard to like Rebecca. It was a cute story overall, but there was a lot of skipping around and glossing over important details. I didn't hate this one, but I wasn't really over the moon for it either. 

For the Love of a Horse by Daisy White 
Single mum Ali has done everything she can to forget the past, but when a new love is threatened by a freak horse riding accident, she is forced to face her memories. Can she find the courage to take her second chance for love? 

This one is cute, but hard to follow in the beginning, I felt. Once it got going thought, I really enjoyed it and thought it was super sweet and wonderfully adorable in every way!

Unexpected Match Maker by JT Adeline 
Peyton Geoffrey never thought she needed another dad, until her mom’s past boyfriend, Tate Langston, entered her life. Will Peyton be able to get this surly man to understand how important he is to others, and get him and her mom together again? 

Using Peyton's perspective in this story was absolutely brilliant and a refreshing breath of fresh air. It brought an element to the story that we rarely get to see. It was sweet and adorable. This is tying with The Price of Silence as my favorite! So, so cute. No complaints here, I just adore this one!

Overall I loved this collection and highly recommend it!

*I received and ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Review~ Drool Pads and Bib Set for Baby Carriers

I was sent a set of bib and drool pads for baby carriers, though given to me in exchange for my opinion, which is completely mine.

I loved the pattern on these when I opened them, they're so simple and classy. I just love them! I was a little worried because they were designed for an Ergo 360, which I don't have.

I was pleased to discover though that they fit most of my carriers! For my Ergo (the original style) I used the hood straps to attach the bib to the hood straps, and the drool pads fit well. For my mei tai and onbu (and if the top of my pod were more narrow) I just slipped the straps through the holes and it worked like a charm!

These are great for protecting carriers from teething tots. I love everything about these. They're so functional and adorable to boot!

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