Fine Motor Loops

I have a "to do" list that is about a million items long. Seriously, between the internet, and that horrible "I can make that" disease that I have, I have ideas and pages of magazines and catalogs, and lists of things I should make and do stashed all over the place. I rarely get to them.

I have stacks of catalog pages that I've ripped out, thinking "well, that's a great idea, but I am NOT paying THAT...I can make that!" Anyway, this is one of the things in that pile, in the catalog they want $40.00 for them! I made them for free, because i have all the supplies! they aren't the prettiest , but they get the job done.

They are simply strips of fabric with buttons, hook and loop, and snaps for kids to practice putting together and making loops with, to get those little fingers working! I don't have any snaps on hand, so I just did buttons and hook/loop. Here's what I did:

  1. I selected the colors I wanted, I used felt because I have gobs and gobs of it, and it requires little work, no hemming or anything. These are smaller sheets, I'm not entirely sure, maybe a 6x8? 

   2. I cut them in half, and then half again...that's fourths if you think like a normal person....I do not. I separated them into piles, making 6 strips in each of the three piles, with two left. My piles are snaps, buttons, hook/loop.

   3. I sewed a button on one end, I made sure it was nice and tight. I wasn't thinking and didn't center it, so I had to make my button hole off to the side too, so it would line up correctly...I didn't get fancy on my holes...I used a steak knife *head hung in shame* don't judge me (and don't tell the hubs, I get onto him for using my knives for non-food things)

  4. Lather, rinse, repeat. I used some random fun looking buttons I had lying around. 

Here are the button ones in a chain. 

  5. I made the hook/loop ones, these were easy, and pretty self explanatory, I used the sticky backed ones to help line it up better, I put one side on, then connect the other so it has the sticky side facing up, bring the fabric around, attach, and then it's lined up and all that, and then added a few stitches to secure them. (I was excited and took the pictures before I added the stitches.)

Here they are all connected, they would make a great re-usable countdown chain too, like the paper ones we made as kids...but better =)

I'll update as soon as I get some snaps, I am excited for nap to be over so they can play with them. I have a few just learning to dress themselves, and these will make great practice!