Every day, no matter how many times I gather their things, and make sure they have it all together, I seem to end up with an extra sock...or twelve. I tried a lost and found box, but that just wasn't working for us, not only did I not have a good place for it, the little ones could get to it, and boy did they LOVE to get to it. I tried thinking of some way that I could fix this problem, when I decided that I should put it on the wall, I thought about a clothes line on the wall, but that didn't really work for the space I had in mind, I saw this idea at Pin and Paper for embellished clothes pin magnets, but instead of magnets I used Velcro circles with the sticky backs, that way I could pull them off and change them according to season/whim. This is in a place where the parent can see when they drop off and pick up, and little hands can't get to it!