Ice and Oil.

I usually try to do something super fun with my daycare kids every day, it's funny how it seems that the littlest things amaze them more than the things I spend hours planning, but that's kids! I thought I'd share a few of the things we've done recently, that I've actually photographed, and hope that I get better at taking pictures!

Melting Rainbows  from 5 Orange Potatoes was a lot of fun and opened into a great discussion about density.


It's a pretty simple project, but neat to do, and the kids LOVED it! These are my ice cubes ready to go (note my green and yellow, Go Packers!)


Here they are melting away, when one of my little guys says "Miss Amanda, what would happen if we put salt in it?" So, we put salt in the jars too.


It was a good idea, because once they added the salt, and all the ice melted and everything settled, it had three distinct layers (I didn't take a picture of this) colored salt bottom, lighter, melted color, and oil. It opened into a wonderful discussion about why the layers separated, and why they were in the order they were, etc.

Of course, we had to ice paint with the left overs. (it's on an old cookie sheet)