Circle Hopping.

I found this idea from Little Hands, Big Work on Pinterest (of course) and I loved it! I added it to my list of things to do this summer(coming soon) but I needed an activity yesterday, and I just got back from vacation so I'm not quite organized yet, anyway, I thought of this and it was exactly what I needed: quick, easy, and engaging!

I don't have a huge area of cement for ginormous circles, so I made do with what I have, and I traced a Frisbee on the sidewalk, I was able to get 16 circles per square, I mixed and matched the colors purposely making some patterns harder than others. The kids LOVED this activity, I see it making a re-appearance over and over!

Here are a few of the ways we used this activity(I told them the initial idea, and THEY came up with most of the variations):

  • The original one end to the other, same color only.
  • One foot hopping circle to circle, same color only.
  • Picking a color and having to hop on every one of that color, and if you miss one, you have to go back and try again. (I loved watching the problem solving as they did this)
  • Tossing a rock to pick the color.
  • Once you get to the end, you have to go back, but in a different order.
  • Patterning: one blue, two orange, one green, repeat. (that was fun to watch too, I love seeing the wheels turn)
  • Two people start at the same time, one at each end, using different colors, and they worked together to avoid running into each other.
  • Spell the color as you jump from circle to circle.

In the future I want to:
  • Write the color words on slips of paper and have them draw it out and read it before hopping.
  • Put sight words in the circles for them to read in each circle
  • Number the circles, 1-2 like hopscotch so they either have to use one feet or two
  • Use the Twister spinner to select colors
  • Make various shapes, and have them choose a shape AND color.
  • Have them add onto  other's sequences by repeating and adding.
  • Number the circles and have them do math problems, i.e.- jump in a one and a three, and find a four next.
As you can probably tell, I am in love with this, and so were they, they never tired of it, they only quit when parents showed up, and it rained last night and the first thing I heard this afternoon from them was "Why did you wash our game away?" When I told them it rained they were sad and demanded to be able to do it again. I highly recommend this simple little activity, what variations can YOU come up with?