Meatloaf Tater Cups

Tonight's dinner was mini meatloaf tater cups.
Okay, well I guess they don't LOOK that awesome, but they TASTED amazing, and that's all that counts, right? I was inspired to make these after having a stuffed meatloaf at a cousin's house, it was yummy, and I knew I would have to make it soon. Hers was a loaf and not little cups, had a sauce that she made on top, and used instant potatoes. I decided to make meatloaf cups for a few reasons: we tend to eat less when they are in cup form, even though it's the same amount, Big T can take them to work easier, I hate cutting things like meatloaves and cakes, and pies, and bars, but mostly because I'm impatient and they cook faster in cup form. We love meatloaf around here, I usually add about a cup of minced veggies to the meatloaf(Big T hates cooked veggies other than corn, green beans, and peas) I just use whatever I have on hand and toss it in the Magic Bullet, he has no idea, so don't tell him! Anyway, he was in the kitchen tonight, so I couldn't sneak in some extra nutrition =)

I started out by making mashed potatoes, the real kind..."instant potatoes" is a dirty phrase in this house.
Once they were made I let them cool for a bit, and I set the oven to 350, then I mixed up my meatloaf.

I started with 1 lb. of hamburger

I added an egg

I then crumbled one sleeve of Saltines, threw in some garlic, salt, pepper, and Parmesan

Then, I added some ketchup, I don't believe in measurements, just 'till it looks good

 I then squish it up by hand and use an ice cream scoop to scoop it into the muffin tins (I got 17 out of this)

I used the back of the scoop to make a little bowl

I washed the scoop, added a scoop of mashed potatoes, then popped them in my pre-heated oven for about 20 or so minutes.

I took them out, added cheese, put them in for another eight minutes, and served with cottage cheese and fresh green beans.

You could use any meatloaf recipe that you like, this is just what I do, I think next time I'll add cheese before the potatoes too, overall they were delicious!