The number on the scale is not a reflection of health.

This is the most recent
photo of me. 
I am 5'10, over 300lbs. wear size 26-34 jeans, am healthy and loved.

"WAIT just a blasted second their young lady, you are OBESE, you are NOT healthy!" you may say. Well, what exactly, based on my first sentence tells you that I am unhealthy? "Well, you are obese, you have a BMI of 43.0, you can't be healthy, you need to get on a diet, and eat right, and lose weight." So, let me get this straight, based on my height, weight, and pant size you KNOW my level of health, you KNOW my exercise habits, you know my eating habits? "Well your BMI..." Okay, so based on a mathematical equation which you simply plugged in my height and weight you can KNOW my level of health?

That sounds absolutely insane, right?  Well, apparently not to the professionals it doesn't, because that's exactly what lots of them do. I have had doctor after doctor my entire life tell me that I needed to lose weight no matter what I was in for, "Hey, doc I think I broke my arm" "Well, lose some weight, you'll be fine." Okay, fine maybe they aren't THAT bad, but it sure does feel like it, at one of my fertility appointments I had a specialist try to guilt me into weight loss surgery, seriously, she mentioned it like 13 times in less than twenty minutes, and THEN asked me "do you cook?" Ummm, no, I prefer my food raw, of course I cook! She then asked "Do you own a fryer?" Nah, we have a vat of oil and a thick pan...SERIOUSLY I was insulted, and to add insult to injury she then added "Well, most over weight people only eat fast food, and those that do cook only use deep fryers" She obviously doesn't know THESE fat people, ugh for someone so well educated to be so uneducated just makes me sick.

My sister, Grandma, and I
My blood pressure is always low, every single time they test my blood sugar, my cholesterol, or anything else that should be high because of my size, it is perfectly fine, and I just have to laugh. These doctors have never once asked about what I eat or my activity level. If they had they would know that I walk nearly two miles every day, not to lose weight, not even for my health to be honest, but because I enjoy it. I have little wiggle worms that I watch that need the fresh air and the sunshine, and I need it too.

"Ahem, you live in Iowa, you can't go outside EVERY day." True that, that's why we dance like crazy fools, play live action Candy Land, Exercise our ABC's or see who can do the most push ups, or sit ups, etc. I always participate, because they need that, the activity, and the involvement, so there.

Now, as i was saying, they would also know that I refuse to "go on a diet" because I'm already on one, everything I eat IS my diet, and I will not starve myself, or cut out this or that, or eat processed nastiness because it's "low fat" "no fat" "no sodium" or "only 35 calories" I eat FOOD, I try to eat food that has been messed with very little, YES, I do still have packaged foods, and YES, we still eat out sometimes, BUT we are making a conscious effort to eat as many real foods as we can, and are always reducing the amount of packages that we purchase. If these doctors would take the time to ask they would know that we already eat better than the "average American"

My husband and I being fat and happy
cooking up some non-fried
But, they didn't ask, they never do. It irritates me to no end for people to always assume that I am unhealthy by looking at me, or that I am unhappy because I'm fat. I can't tell you the amount of people who have said "oh and you feel so much better now, don't you?" after I've lost a few pounds here or there, and generally I just smile politely and nod, because honestly, no, I don't. I feel better now that  I don't eat fast food, I feel better now that I eat BUTTER, not margarine, I feel better now that I eat fresh vegetables, not canned, (as in canned from the store, not home canned) I feel better now that I eat actual food, not sodium packed boxes of crap that used to be food.

My entire point of this is that the number on the scale does not always equal health, that we are not cut out of the same mold, that what makes one person healthy or unhealthy may not apply to someone else, we are individuals, our bodies are originals, and we should treat them as such. We need to stop looking at what the scale or society tells us, and start paying attention to what our bodies tell us. We need to stop hating and shaming each other, and start loving and valuing each other, and stop assuming that based on a few numbers we can tell everything about a person.

Me, being okay with myself.
I am 5'10, over 300lbs. wear size 26-34 jeans, am healthy and loved. And I'm okay with that, and you should be too.