Organizing ~Christmas

I'm getting organized!

Okay, I'm TRYING to get organized. Hopefully I can follow through and make my whole house pretty and organized...we'll see, I'm trying to focus on one room at a time, starting with the ones used solely for storage and working my way up into the rest of the house, I figured that way when I get to the bigger rooms and need to put something away in one of those rooms, I can do it in an organized fashion.

I started today with the closed in back porch which is used primarily for various holiday decorations, an extra freezer, gardening tools, and random junk. When I'm done with it I want it to house the decorations, freezer, and have a shelf/bin area for garage sale/donate items. I only have about thirty more minutes of work that I didn't get to during nap time. I'll post pictures when it's all done.

ANYWAY, what I wanted to share was how I organized my wrapping paper, and how I remember important events and trips, using Christmas ornaments.

First up: Wrapping paper, I have more wrapping paper than I know what to do with, I buy it after Christmas when it's dirt cheap. I had Tom screw some screws into the ceiling and then connect wires through them, and then suspended the paper on the wires from the ceiling, I have more paper, so I'm going to have him put up another one, their are two rows here, my cellophane and basket wrap is above the paper. Here's what it looks like, up and out of the way.

Next up is my ornaments. Whenever we go on a trip or have a huge life event (new house, wedding, etc.) I buy an ornament for our tree to represent that, we also pick out one with the year on it together. My goal is to have nothing but sentimental ornaments on the tree, and honestly we're about there. Also, to remember why the ornaments are important, and so that when we pass them on to our kids they will know why they are important, I write on the backs of them (or the tag, or the box it's in, if their is no where on the ornaments) the year, and what it means to us. We recently went to Colorado to watch my little brother as the lead in the Music Man, so I had our ornament from that to write on today, and then put with the rest of them, it's the only one I thought to take a picture of the memo on the back, but I have pictures of some other ones from Christmas. 
This is the back of the one we picked out in Colorado
Don't mind my horrible hand writing, it was hard to write on!

Here's the ornament we picked out in Colorado.

Here are a few of our other ones:
We got this on our honeymoon, we went to Wisconsin.
The back of the ornament Big T got me for our first married Christmas. 
Big T bought me this one for our first married Christmas.