Sponge Ball Painting

We love, love, love our sponge balls around here, they are so cheap and simple to make, and have so many uses! Here's how to make them:

Notes: The Cel-O type sponges are the type you should get, though these are Target brand, and they worked perfect, I made eight here, I got the zip ties from Dollar Tree, and you get a bunch, and they are pretty colors, and try to cut as close as you can when cutting the strips.

You can do so much with these, they are great to soak in water on a hot day and play water tag, ring out over each other's heads, play catch, or like we did here, paint with! 

I just rolled out a sheet of paper, filled up a bucket with watered down paint (too watered down, but they didn't care) and let them go to town! The sponges rinsed out easily, and I stored them in a small bucket with a lid, and we can use them over and over again!