Olympic Fruit Salad!

I'm doing an Olympics theme this week, as I'm sure many of you are, and as I was looking for snack ideas I was bummed to see only unhealthy ideas, so I decided to put together a little Olympic themed fruit salad, using the five colors-Red, Yellow, Black, Green, and Blue (I'm sure in the wrong order) The kids caught on before I even told them my plan, as soon as I got all the fruit out they were all "Hey, Olympic colors! Olympic  salad!" They helped by washing the fruit, pulling the grapes off, dumping it in, and mixing it up!

Here are the fruits we used:

Red: Strawberries, though watermelon would be good, I didn't have any on hand.

Yellow: Pineapple

Black: I used purple grapes, because I had them on hand, and come up with this idea at like 9:30 the night before, but you could use blackberries

Green: Green grapes, but I think kiwi would be good to.

Blue: I planned on using blueberries, but the kids outed voted me on this, so we had not blue fruit =(

Anyway, this was easy and fun to put together, and super yummy...and healthier than cookies!