Redundant Key holder

So, I got this crazy idea: What if I made a key holder using keys? So, of course I had to try it out! Sorry for the one horrible cell phone picture, my sister has my camera, I'll try to get some better pictures posted soon!

It's redundant really, it says "keys", it's made with keys, and it holds keys...right up my alley! I think it's super fun!

It's pretty simple really, I took a 5x7 picture frame, roughed it up so the glue would stick, painted it gold, I took some die cut sticky back letters and painted them gold as well, found some coordinating scrap book paper, cut it to size, then took these old useless keys,and using a pair of pliers bent them upward, the thicker ones were the hardest. I sanded the backs of the keys too, to help them stick, and then just used some hot glue to attach them. 

This was three days ago, and it's still holding up well. 

Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions! And I'll try to get some better pictures!


I finally got around to taking better pictures! And, it's been two months and it's still holding up perfectly!