Dino Lingo Language Learning Review

I am a part of this really awesome program called Influenster essentially you review stuff, and unlock badges, and they send you boxes of goodies in the mail to test and then review, it's super awesome!!! Anyway  one of the things they asked me to do was to go to the Dino Lingo website and watch a video clip with a little, so I did. Dino Language is language learning programs for kids, they have thirty languages listed! Thirty! We stuck with boring old Spanish, but I would love to try Hebrew, or Greek, or Italian, lol! I watched it with a two year old (it says ages 2-7, and I know with languages it's the younger the better!) she is one of those that can be hard to get to sit still to do anything, but she loved it! We watched the Spanish video she kept asking to watch them again! The one we watched was super cute about animals, it was fun to watch her so engaged  she loved saying the animal name in English, and then in Spanish. The only complaint I have is that the very first animal didn't look much like a cat, and that confused her until they showed more cats, she thought the first one was a monkey!  Other than that one we both loved it! I think it may be worth the investment!

Spanish Set

*Disclaimer:I watched this compliments of Inluenster.