Gillette Venus Embrace Review

Thanks to Influenster and Gillette Venus I got the chance to try out a Venus Embrace razor, and they even sent an extra cartridge, the Venus and Olay one that is just awesome. I absolutely love this razor. It's super smooth, and leaves no nicks or cuts, and leaves my legs feeling silky smooth. It's just wonderful! The really cool part is that ANY Venus handle fits ANY Venus blade, so I can buy any cartridge that I want to go on my Embrace handle! I like to switch it out for the Venus and Olay to use on my underarms, for the extra moisture there. 

I received the Embrace, it has a soft cushy handle, five blades, and moisture strips which make it super smooth on your legs. I usually use disposables, only because I have a ton of them from when I used to extreme coupon. But, I really love the embrace, it gets all the hair in one smooth swipe, and leaves nothing but bare, smooth legs!

I also received the Venus and Olay refill. It has all the awesome benefits mentioned above, plus extra moisture bars. I was really happy with how it wasn't overly bulky. I don't even know what brand made them, but when I was in high school I bought a razor with a built in "bar of moisture" and it was so heavy! It was basically a bar of soap with a hole in the center with the razor in it.It was bulky, and hard to use. When I first envisioned this refill, that's what I pictured, so I was beyond relieved when it was light weight, not bulky, and easy to use!

They have seven blade options listed, I looked over all of them, and I think I'd like to try the Breeze next! It looks like it would be nice, with built in shave gel bars, and like the Venus and Olay, it doesn't look too bulky, which is a big plus to me. With the fact that any blade fits any handle, I could seriously try every cartridge they offer! How awesome is that?

I totally recommend the Gillette Venus Embrace!