Rating~ Books

How my book rating scale works:

I use a classic star rating system. One being the worst and five being the best.

One star is the worst. It's really hard to get one star. Like, the plot sucked, you couldn't spell, essentially, you didn't even try.

Two stars is pretty bad, yet had some redeeming qualities or I could at least see where you were coming from in your attempt.

Three stars is a good rating. There were probably enough grammar and spelling mistakes that it was overly distracting and the story itself fell a little short, but I'd still recommend it. I still enjoyed it.

Four stars is really good. I really enjoyed it, I'll recommend it to everyone. It may have had some errors or a few tiny spots that fell short, but otherwise it was wonderful.

Five stars is five stars. Perfection. I love you, I love your book, we should be friends. I'm going to read it again, like this second. Because that's what I do when I love a book, I don't even let it get cold, I start it over again.

Every rating will be accompanied by an honest review to support the rating, if you have any further questions on how I rate books, feel free to contact me.