Rating~ General

How my general rating scale works:

I rate general products on how much I "heart" the item.

One heart means this is a really terrible product and it should never have been invented. What were you thinking, man?

Two hearts is kind of "meh" I can see some potential here, but they really missed the mark.

Three hearts is good. But, just good. I see many improvements that need to be made, but I dig this product and will probably use it again.

Four hearts is really good! I really like this product, will use it regularly and like it. However, I may se one or two tiny, nitpicky flaws.

Five hearts is basically perfection. I love you, I love your product. You hit the nail on the head!

Every rating will be accompanied by an honest review to support the rating, if you have any further questions on how I rate products, feel free to contact me.