Life Binder

I really stink at being organized...okay, I take that back, I am awesome at micro organization...macro, not so much. What I mean by that is that I like having little tiny things like bookshelves and silverware drawers organized, but when it comes to my house and life in general, I'm a little too scatter brained for that! So, I made a life binder a few weeks ago, and it is helping tremendously! A lot of people use all the printables from one source, or make their own, I used a hodge podge that worked for me. I'll show you pictures of the pages in my actual binder, and then link to where I got them so you can print yours!

I put all the sheets in page protectors so I can use them over and over again. Also, I am aware my handwriting is awful, and I need better markers.

For the front I used this Homemaker's Creed from Time-Warp Wife I think it's a great reminder when you get a little overwhelmed or whiny to look and remember WHY you're doing it! 

On the inside cover I have laminated and tucked in the little pocket, from Life Your Way are Decluttering Questions and The Dirty Dozen Cheat Sheet, and a marker. Both of those sheets print in fours (like four to a page) so I put the extra copies of the clutter questions in my threes most cluttered places bonus room, back porch, and laundry room so that when cleaning I can look and remind myself I don't need it. The dirty dozen sheets, I put one in my purse, one in my car, and one in my reusable grocery bags. The next page is from Life's a Journal I looked at several, but this fits my needs best, I love (and need) the reminder to hydrate. You can get yours here.


Next, I have a list of "emergency phone numbers" which are Bible verses for various times. I apologize, but I can't find the original source of this, if you know, please let me know! Then, a page divider, and my "chore charts" for the next few pages. These are from Heart of Wisdom. Now, I am fully aware that these are intended for children, but ya know what? They work for me, so there! I don't have time during the day to just clean this room or that, so I clean as time allows, with these I can mark off each task in each room as I go along, and keep track of what I have done and need to do. So, if that means I need a child's chore chart, well then, I need a child's chore chart, I've gotten a lot more done since I started using these. I also printed a blank one and wrote in my kitchen tasks. 

Next, we have the last of my chore charts, and my 31 Days to Clean Challenge sheet. I read the book, and loved it! Though, I should read it again, and do a better job at maintaining it...anyway, good book, I recommend it. This particular page is for readers only, so after you buy the book, you can do this also! I'm just jumping around and doing the Martha challenges when I can. 

This is from Martha Stewart, it's a monthly cleaning checklist. Just the once a month stuff, that I always forget! It's front and back, you can get it here. She also has a daily, weekly, and seasonal one.  In fact she has all kinds of printables and checklists, I may add some more to my binder. Like this one on stain removal and this one on keeping the fridge clean.


Next we have meal planning. I love this planner from Life in Yellow I printed four of these, and didn't show them all to you because that's redundant. Anyway, so that gives me sixteen planned meals with ingredient lists to choose from! Instead of doing one each week, I'll just pick and choose from the lists, and I like that it only has four meals listed because we usually do leftovers at least one night, if not more, and I like to try a new recipe once a week, so this is great to have to remind me whilst at the store. Next to that you'll see my shopping guides from the book Practical Paleo. You should check out the Balanced Bites Page to learn more about this. We're trying to really embrace Paleo, so this helps me when shopping. It's a good book, you should check it out! In the picture on the right, behind the page divider you'll see a birthday organizer, from Life Your Way. I'm awful at birthdays, hopefully this will keep me on top of it! 

Also from Life Your Way is the Emergency Information Sheet (I put digital paper over personal information) and on the far right a Bible Verses Sheet to keep track of four important verses for now, I will likely print more of these and add them as I see fit. You'll also see a "Family Yellow Pages" from Organized Home, to keep track of all the business numbers and what not...I have not filled mine out yet...

My last page is this bill reminder from Mom's Budget. I'm no good at remembering what I've paid and haven't paid, or what the amounts are, so this is ultra helpful! 

I also have printed several recipes that I plan on adding to the back of the binder for future reference, and will also be adding more general "duh" type tips for simple things I forget while organizing and cleaning! (cleaning solutions, storage tips, etc.)

I hope this inspires you to get organized, and hopefully it will help me, also! 

Oh, and all of the sites I linked to are pretty awesome, so you should spend a little time checking them out!