Organizing the playroom!

All of my daycare kids are older now, I don't have any babies, or any that are still in the "eat everything" stage, so I decided it was time to grow the playroom up a tad, give them more work space  and options to be independent. I'm not going to show everything I did, because most if it is rather boring, but I will show you a few tips that I think were rather clever.

First, use the walls! I first did this out of necessity when some of my now "big kids" were still babies, and everything was a choking hazard. I put some hooks in the wall and put the bins from this storage unit. It wasn't working for us because 1.) the choking hazard, and 2.) every time I turned around the kids had every single bin dumped out on the floor! So, I hung them up. I was looking to do this with some of the toys that we didn't really have a place for, but I'm cheap, so I wasn't looking to spend a lot of money, when I had the idea to buy some of the little fabric bins they have right now at Wal-Mart $1.97. You can't beat that price! I bought four of those, and two packs of hooks for $.97/3 so I spent less than ten dollars on all this storage (and it looks prettier than the plastic bins too!

I used hooks that are intended for supporting curtain rods because they are cheaper  and they stick out from the wall a bit more than the other hooks I looked at. 

The hooks I used.

The next thing I would like to share with you is the new puzzle system I started. I don't know about your kids, but we have a serious issue in just dumping the puzzles out and not putting them back, or two kids playing with puzzles and not putting the right pieces in the right boxes. So, the obvious solution was to move them out of reach so they had to ask for them, but then they forgot all about them, and I think puzzles are something they should do fairly often. So, numbered each puzzle board/box, and took the pieces out and put them in a ziplock baggie or recycled jar. I put the pieces themselves up high, but left down the boards and boxes so that they can pick what they want and then come "check out" the pieces from me.

This is puzzle number "9" so if they bring me this I will for the bag that corresponds  I also put # of pieces as well as a short description of the puzzle just to help me out. 

Here is where the puzzles, games, and extra books live. I took the door off this closet so they could have full access to these items. 

Hopefully that will help give you some inspiration, and hopefully we'll keep it this way!