Prayer Reminder.

I just posted here about my attempts at getting organized, and my Life Binder. I wanted to share with you another way I'm getting organized,  this is a little different, but probably the most important area to organize, my prayer life. I often have good intentions of praying throughout the day, but then the day takes over, and I haven't done much praying, other than before meals, or when I'm about to go crazy!

Anyway, so I was trying to think of a way to remember to pray for certain people all throughout the day, I hear a smart phone app. exists for this purpose, well I have a dumb phone, and it doesn't do apps. BUT, it does have a calendar with reminders. So I set reminders to go off every day, hourly from 8:30-4:30. I am extremely blessed with a job that I can pause, and pray for just a few minutes. (obviously, I don't stop everything, right in the middle of helping a child to pray EXACTLY at these times, if it goes off, and I'm busy, I make a metal note to pray for whomever, and then finish what I'm doing, and then when I am free, pray) Each time it goes off it reminds of a different prayer concern. So I can take a few moments and lift that person or situation up to the Lord. It's been really useful to help me center on Christ, and lift up my friends, family, and the nation!

This is not my entire prayer life, this is just short, specific prayers throughout my day in addition to my morning and evening prayer time. I don't want you to think that instead of spending some good, solid, one on one time with God that I'm just praying when my phone tells me to. Absolutely not! This is just in addition to that, to keep me prayerful throughout the day, when I am otherwise distracted!

I hope that this little tip may help you stay focused and centered on Christ. I thought I would share it in hopes it might help someone else!