Orange Vinegar

I prefer to use natural cleaning supplies, and primarily make my own. One of my favorites is orange infused vinegar. I finished making my third batch yesterday! It lasts quite a while, and it an amazing cleaner. It's very simple to do. 

Simply take a large jar (I use a large pickle jar) and toss in all of the citrus peelings that you use. All of the orange peels in mine took only about a week to accumulate, so if you eat less citrus than we do, you could toss it in a baggie in the freezer until you're ready to make it, but if you eat an average of three oranges a day like we do, then just toss them in the jar as you go along. Cover the peels in plain, white vinegar. Allow it to sit for about a week. Mine actually sat for about two this time, and it's fine! 

See all that dust? We're remodeling our kitchen

When you're ready just strain it and then pour it into spray bottles, diluted about half with water. I was able to get two spray bottles, plus about half a vinegar container of undiluted orange vinegar to refill my bottles later,  out of this batch. 

To one of the bottles I added about ten drops of tea tree oil to make it a disinfectant. The other I left plain, I hate the smell of tea tree oil, even though it's awesome. It's a wonderful all purpose cleaner, and easy to make. Plus, you can feel good about knowing what you are exposing your family to, can you say the same for that bottle of Lysol?