Tattoo Crafts

The kids love using temporary tattoos in their art, I keep some in the art cupboard for them to use at their leisure, they usually use them in lieu of stickers, just on paper, which is fine by me, because they are cheaper than stickers, and I never find them stuck to things they shouldn't be! Lately we've been expanding out and trying new things, I wanted to share with you a few of those things!

 We made Christmas bulbs, these are just plastic, clear bulbs we had left over from Christmas time, they were very simple to make, just apply the tattoos as you normally would, peel the plastic off, place where you want it to go, and use a damp cloth to press it on, and done! That was really it, I'm excited to do these again with Christmas themed tattoos. We had plastic bulbs, but I'm sure this would work on the glass ones too.


Next we made some bookmarks, we made two kinds, some on wooden popsicle sticks (these are shaped ones from Hobby Lobby) Again, we applied these just like you would any tattoo. As you can see some of them spilled over the sides, you can use your finger to press them over the side.

The other kind we made were out of clear plastic, this was from the packaging of something, I'm not entirely sure, but I put it back "just in case" and I'm glad I did! The kids made several bookmarks from it, I just cut it down into rectangles, and they applied the tattoos like normal, here's one that was made for Miss Amanda.

Here it is in use: 

Lastly, we made water bottles, these required a little more work, I applied a sealer after we put the tattoos on. Just about any non-toxic, waterproof sealer or clear coat will work, just hand wash, and you have a cute bottle! I have been using the glass one for a little over a week now, and haven't had any issues with them coming off! We did a metal and a glass bottle, the glass one is from some tea that I bought, trust me, the bottle was better than the tea!

There you have it! Several things we made with tattoos! The possibilities are endless. These are just cheap ones from the Dollar Tree, so really cheap and easy crafts and gifts. This would be great if you had name tattoos you could personalize water bottles and lunch boxes!