Dan & Leah Diaper Review & Giveaway

We recently purchased an AI2 diaper from Dan & Leah Diapers, and we absolutely love it! It was a custom, but due to my indecisiveness I just gave her an idea of the fabrics I liked, the weight of the baby, and told her to surprise me. This is what she came up with:

Isn't it beautiful? This is our first AI2, with a snap in liner, so I was a little leery the first time I used it, but I was sold when we went grocery shopping and came back home, and didn't have a single leak! I'm usually a pocket diaper kind of gal, but I can't wait until I can afford more of these! This diaper is so awesome!

Here you can see the two rows of snaps, it folds down for a smaller baby. My assumption would be that this is a M/L as she's about 25 lbs. right now, and on the larger rise setting. She still has plenty of growing room, though.

It has a snap in liner, that is two layers of soft heaven:


  • This diaper features a fold down rise, which I have never seen before, but I love it, because you don't have all those snaps poking out and looking weird under clothes, but you still have quite a bit of adjust-ability in the sizing. 
  • This is a super trim fitting diaper, but also quite a workhorse! It is the only diaper we have that she can wear under jeans.
  • Super absorbent, and leak free...isn't that the most important feature in a diaper? 
  • Dry time, I was really worried that because of the style and material of this diaper that it would take forever to dry, we a few AIO diapers that take forever and a day to dry, I air dry all of my diapers. This doesn't take much longer than my pockets to dry because the liner unsnaps, and since it is two layers, instead of one thick one, it dries faster.
  • Cross over snaps. Again, it means that it will fit longer, and you can get a lot more use out of this diaper, I also hate when diapers only have one set of snaps and babe is skinny, so the rest of the diaper flaps hang out. Because this has all the snaps, you get a good, snug fit. 
  • It's beautiful! I just love this fabric!
  • Her attention to detail. I tried several different ways to show you this, but I just can't get a good picture of it, I was absolutely blown away by her attention to detail in making this diaper. As you can tell, the snaps match the diaper perfectly, but what you can't see in the pictures is that the thread she used for sewing it also matches perfectly. It's a light multicolored pastel that looks like it was made for this fabric. Little things like that show me that you care about your work and that everything you do matters. It shows me that she uses her heart in her diapers, and that makes me want to buy more.
  • It is handmade. We try to support WAHMs as much as possible, and I love knowing the people who my money is going to are good, hardworking people.
  • She's super sweet, and easy to work with.

  • I wish it were a little more one size so that I could use it with younger babies, no way this would fit a newborn.
  • The little lady cannot wear a skirt or dress with this diaper...she spends the whole time holding it up to look at her diaper =)
My Overall Rating((Click the picture to read about the rating)):

Overall, this is one of our favorites, and I really encourage you to check out Dan & Leah Diapers!  Also find her on Facebook

Here is the back of the diaper:

Aaaaaand, because she is so awesome, she is going to give one of you awesome readers one of her very awesome diapers for FREE! That's right! Winner will get their choice of gender, and she will work her magic! Just enter via the Rafflecopter below! Sorry, open to US residents only.

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