Drying Cloth Diapers Inside

I have been yammering about cloth diapers for years. I used them on my daycare kids, my niece, and any child that happens to be living under this roof. I'm pretty outspoken on the matter, actually. So, I get quite a few Facebook messages that start out like this: "I've decided to start cloth diapering, but, um, washing them: go." One of the things I always tell them is to air dry to preserve the life of the PUL in their diapers. To this I always get; "But, Amanda, I don't have a clothes line." "It's too cold to dry them outside." and "That's a lot of work" To which I always roll my eyes and give them several drying alternatives. I am a huge believer in air drying cloth diapers, especially if you use dryer sheets or those bars in your dryer. I get that when I say "air dry" you automatically go here:

Which, yes. I LOVE my clothes line, I love the way they smell, and the way they look, I love everything about line drying my clothes. However, I am also aware that line drying isn't always possible. So, I dry in the house. I wanted to share with you some of the ways I air dry inside.

Don't mind my door-less cabinets. This is a wooden rod that was used in one of the doorways in our house, we took it down and put it between two cupboards in the laundry room, and voila, indoor clothes line. That doesn't hold all of my diapers, so I also utilize: 

The shower door. I even use the little rack meant for holding towels:

And, because that still doesn't cover all the diapers I have, I use this: 

It was originally a toy bin organizer, like this one, but as I told you here, it just didn't work that way for our house, so, it makes an excellent drying rack. 

I air dry my wipes, inserts, and prefolds too, but you certainly don't have to. I just like to cut down on electricity usage. If I'm in a hurry, or waited to long to wash diapers, and don't have any sposies on hand, I toss them in the dryer, and by the time they're done, at least one cover is dry. 

Oh! I almost forgot, this was in the house when we moved in, it is perfect for six inserts! It hangs right above the washer: 

Some other ideas for indoor drying are:

  • A clean ladder
  • A broom handle, if you don't have a giant wooden rod lying around
  • Baby gates.
  • Curtain rods
  • Closets (I do this when all of my diapers need washed at the same time)
  • A hanging pot rack
  • Dish Rack
  • Empty totes or buckets
  • Over the tops of doors
  • Stair rails (probably not wooden ones)
  • Hangers in the closet