SMJAE Wet Bag Review

I recently ordered a wet/dry bag from Sewing Mom Just Accessories,Etc. on Hyena Cart, I'm not an overly picky person, so I just told her to surprise with me the fabric, and boy did she! I was expecting ONE wet bag, and when I opened my package today I was excited to see two! I just love when WAHMs do things like that! It's so personal and says "I want you as a customer" and, of course, it worked, I'll definitely be ordering again...and not just because of that.

They are beautiful, and well designed.

As you can see, each bag has two compartments, one for wet, and one for dry. They also have a convenient  handle which would be great for hanging near the toilet. These are 7x7, a great size for mama cloth or family cloth. I was also pleased to discover that I could fit a double stuffed pocket diaper inside. I'm thinking a diaper in one side, and a few cloth wipes in the other, perfect for a short trip when you don't need to lug around the whole diaper bag. 

Here they are unsnapped, I was happy to see that they unsnapped like this to provide easier wash/drying. Especially since I line dry just about everything, this will dry much faster than if it were all sewn together and bulkier. It'll also make packing easier, if you need to have them flat like this as opposed to doubled over. 

The insides are both lined with PUL to help make it waterproof and to prevent leaking. It's only sewn together at the zipper, which again, makes it easier to wash/dry. When I dry my large wet bag I pull the PUL out to hang it so that it dries faster, I'll do the same with these.

Overall, I'm in love with these wet bags and I'm excited to try some of her other sizes. You can't beat the price, either, only $10.00 for one of these. The fabrics are beautiful, the stitching is straight ((mine never is)) and you can tell she really put her heart into these. I wholeheartedly suggest that you buy from her!