Small Companies Making a Big Difference

As a Christian, and an eco-friendly minded person I try to be conscious of where my money is going. I won't shop certain places for certain reasons, and I'll spend a little more at other places to support something I believe in. Whether that is simply that I'm buying something from a work at home mom, and I know my money is helping to support her family and keeping her at home with her kids, the company may share the same values I do, the company may use eco-friendly/organic materials, or the company may give back in a huge way. I like to shop with a cause. So, as you're preparing to get Christmas presents this year, I'd like to suggest to you a few of my favorite smaller(ish) companies that are putting their hearts into what they do and giving back in big ways. In no particular order:

Anise Bamboo Charcoal Soap
Poppy Soap - So many pluses here: First off, totally organic, awesome ingredients. Every ingredient is listed on the page of each soap. The site is really user friendly and helps you to pinpoint exactly what type of soap would be best for you, and what makes them eligible to be on this list is that for every bar you purchase a bar is donated to YOUR local women's shelter. This is not only supporting women in shelters, but the women in your backyard, the women you see at the grocery store and the doctor's office, the woman that may have been your neighbor. Yes, it's a little expensive, but totally worth it, the ingredients are expensive, trust me, I have many of them in my cabinets, and the most important part, you're giving a bar to a local woman that needs it. Now, I know that some of you are probably like, "okay, so do you know how much Ivory soap I could buy for the same price?" I do. But, let me ask you this, if you were completely down and out, had nothing, in one of the darkest moments of your life, what's going to make that moment a little brighter, make you feel a little bit loved, and a little bit of compassion, a bar of the cheapest, most readily available soap out there, or a special, hand crafted, luxury item that someone in your community wanted you to have? I can assure you that that small gesture of that hand crafted, organic soap will make a bigger impact than just donating any old soap. I really love how simple, yet profound the mission of Poppy Soap is.

From their Facebook Page
The Little Bee Company- What's better than awesome cloth diapers? Awesome cloth diapers with an awesome cause! Another item for item company, you buy a diaper for your baby, you also donate a diaper to an orphan in need. We so often take things, like our children having clean clothes and fresh diapers for granted. To so many people those things are a rare luxury, this is such a simple thing to do, buy new fluff for your stash, and go to bed knowing that one less baby somewhere in the world is going to bed in unsanitary conditions (no diaper at all=soiled bed) because of you. As stated above, I'm a Christian, and so supporting companies that share those values is especially important to me. This is one of those companies. They suggest saying a prayer for the child that the diaper color represents every time you change your child. How beautiful and powerful is that? Each color that they sell represents a specific group of children in need. You can read about each color and their overall mission here. This is such a beautiful, powerful mission, and they are really in line with the prices of similar diapers that are just for their own profit. If you're buying diapers anyway, you may as well do it with purpose! The Little Bee Co. will help you do that!

From their Facebook Page

 Operation Hydros- One in seven people lack access to clean water, that's far too high a number. Everyone deserves access to clean water. With ever purchase you are helping one more person gain access to clean water, something we take for granted in our every day lives. Plus, the bottles are super awesome, they are made in the USA, BPA/Phthalate free, and has a filter built right in, and it's dishwasher safe. The bottles are a little pricey at 27.99ea. but, it's for a great cause, and the filters last about three months, it's made here ((keeping jobs here)) and you're helping someone gain access to clean drinking water, plus you get an awesome bottle as a bonus!

From their Facebook Page
 Krochet Kids- This is such a cool company, they are empowering women in Uganda and Peru by giving them jobs, education, and a mentor. It was started by three young men that knew how to crochet and saw a need in these women, so they used the skills they had and passed them along to these women to help them gain independence and an income. That is so cool, to use something as simple as a crafty little hobby to encourage and empower countless women. When buying from Krochet Kids you aren't just buying a super awesome and beautifully handmade product, but you are also helping someone stay out of poverty, you know where your money is going and why.

From their website
 Elizabeth Koh- This is a similar concept to Krochet Kids, accessories that are handmade by women, in this case in Thailand, and then a portion of the proceeds are then used to help support children in SOS children's villages. The SOS Villages house 600 youth in five villages, they provide a more personal, familial environment than most orphanages. What an amazing mission! The scarves are reasonably priced, under thirty dollars, and a great investment in helping others!

These are five of my favorite companies that give back, I know there are plenty more out there, what are some of yours? I'd love to make another list! It's great to be able to give a gift knowing that you're helping someone else!