Book Review~Silver Bells

This features 6 historical Christmas romance novellas by authors Heather B. Moore, Sarah M. Eden, Annette Lyon,  Lucida Bryant, LuAnn Staheli and Becca Wilhite. I love historical romance, my favorites are mail order brides, I can't really pinpoint why this is, it just is what it is. Anyway, I loved this collection of historical romances, they were all very sweet. I'll review them individually below.

Fairy Christmas by Lucida Bryant: This is an adorable story of two romances, a child's drawing and a big misunderstanding. It's short and sweet about a misunderstanding that occurs when a little boy uses a private letter to draw his Christmas fairy on. Everything works out in the end, it all gets cleared up when everyone starts to communicate properly. This is a cute, clean, sweet read.

Christmas Promise by Sarah M. Eden: A wrong turn, a lot of mud, a few scary dogs and one Christmas promise make up this short, sweet love story. The beginning was a little shaky, but once the story started rolling it was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love that the female lead is smart, quick-witted, and independent. She stands up for herself to her brothers, letting them know she'll only do something if she wants to...even though is this case, she does. The best line in the story that had me cracking up is when she's discussing that different lands have different things they find attractive in a man it says, "No one quite knows what to make of the Americans' approach to anything." How true is that, even today? It made me laugh and is just one of those lines that stuck with me.I mean, I'm proud to be an American, but we are a peculiar lot in many ways.

Twelve Months by Heather B. Moore: Lucien Baxter’s best and most incorrigible friend, Will, dies unexpectedly, leaving behind his new bride and unborn child the week before Christmas. Will’s last request is that Lucien watches over Cora, not just as a benefactor, but as a husband. When Lucien does his duty and proposes to Cora, he’s turned down flat. But over the course of the next few days, Lucien discovers that marrying Cora wouldn’t be any sort of duty after all, but a matter of following his heart. This was so adorable and made me go "awwe" in several places. I loved it

A Fezziwig Christmas by Lu Ann Brobst Staheli:  This book was horrible. But not in a bad way. In a way that made me even more sad about poor old Mr. Scrooge's life in A Christmas Carol. This book is basically a "before look" into the famous Christmas story. It mainly focuses on Mr. Wilkins, but Scrooge and Belle also make an appearance, and it made me so sad to know that in the actual story they don't end up with a happily ever after. Anytime people that were truly in love break up I'm brought to tears, fictional or not. I just can't handle it. So, while there is only love in this short, sweet story. Knowing what happens in the original story made reading Lu Ann's imagining bittersweet for me. However, I did love seeing Scrooge portrayed as a younger, more endearing fellow who was excited about life and in love. Of course, I loved the main characters too, and their story was so sweet, but I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Scrooge.  

A Taste of Home by Annette Lyon: As children Will tormented Claire relentlessly. They both ended up in California, when Claire wants to come home for Christmas her father insists Will accompany her. Through an unfortunate series of events neither of them end up making it home for Christmas. Will, however, tries his best to show Claire that he isn't the prankster that he used to be and makes every attempt to make it a good Christmas, even without the comforts of home. This is sweet and quick, and overall very enjoyable.

My Modern Girl by Becca Wilhite:  Margie lands her dream job as a clerk at Macy’s in New York City. She's new in town, but she’s determined to succeed and prove to Henry that moving to the city was the right decision. As the Christmas season approaches, Margie realizes that being a “modern girl” might not be all she had dreamed of and Henry might have more to offer than she ever imagined. Another quick, sweet read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Overall I give this collection 4/5 stars. All the books were pleasant and easy to read. I loved them all, they were cute and sweet and the authors all accomplished their goal of making me want to read more of their works. I look forward to reading more of each of their works. I can't really pick a favorite as I found them all so enjoyable. I would recommend this collection to anyone that enjoys clean romance.

*I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for my review. All opinions are honest and my own.