Book Review~Temporary Bridesmaid

Title: Temporary Bridesmaid
Genre: Christian Fiction
Author: Lu Ann Brobst Staheli
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Jenny Grant has given up on men, and therefore her dream of ever getting married. But when James Cox comes to work in her building as a temp, she has to convince herself to stay true to her new conviction. All around her, everything is falling apart in her life. She’s been asked to be the Maid of Honor for her best friend’s wedding—leaving Jenny the last single in her group—her mother’s forgetfulness has progressed to a level that might prove dangerous, and the raise and promotion Jenny longs for may not be within her reach. When a man who looks like James steals her wallet her distrust of men rests on his shoulders. 

James Cox has no idea why he has given up his position as a California CEO to move to Salt Lake City, but he’s certain it isn’t to find a bride. When the call comes for a temp position at a computer programming company, he figures this must be why. But his co-workers are not always easy to get along with, especially the fiery-tempered woman named Jenny Grant. If he didn’t find her so beautiful and interesting, it might not matter. Except that it does. 

This was one of those that I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with. I really, really wanted to see how it ended, but I hated getting there. I felt that it drug on and on. I ended up skimming over some parts that were mainly just filler, or I suppose used to illustrate how their lives were. For example, I don't care that she puts on a fluffy robe or that he ate at McDonald's it isn't relevant to the story. At. All. 

I think the book was at around 80 something percent finished before they even really TALKED to each other! It was mostly pre-relationship development, which was cute...the first 50% of the book. I think if she would've scaled back on the near-misses and misunderstandings and spent more time building their relationship, even a friendship this story would have been MUCH better.

I enjoyed that it was clean and sweet and that there was an element of faith. But, I would've liked to see more happening with the characters and much earlier in the story.

I also liked the Sophie storyline but felt like it was random and out of place. She needs her own book. It really didn't tie in for her to be in this one. I kept thinking maybe James and Jenny would get married and adopt the baby or something, and that would explain why her storyline was included. But, no. It just didn't make sense. However, if Lu Ann were to write Stephie's story I would totally buy that.

I reviewed another short story of hers in Silver Bells. I had a love/hate relationship with that story too. But for totally different reasons!

Sex? Nope.
Language? No
Drugs and alcohol? Nope
Religion? Yes. Mormon specifically, but nothing too over the top or in your face.
Anything else I should know? No.

Lu Ann Brobst Staheli got her start as a celebrity paparazzi-stalker-chick, which led to her award-winning career as aghostwriter for celebrity memoirs. A masochist at heart, she taught junior high school English for 33 years and then moved to the school library. She once spent two weeks summer vacation backpacking through Europe with 15 of her students. She has won three Best of State Medals--two for writing and one for teaching--but refuses to wear them all at the same time because she'd hate to be known as a show-off. 

Staheli's published works include Men of Destiny: Abraham Lincoln and the Prophet Joseph Smith (Walnut Springs Press); Tides Across the Sea; Just Like Elizabeth Taylor; Leona & Me, Helen Marie; A Note Worth Taking; When Hearts Conjoin: The True Story of Utah's Conjoined Twins; Psychic Madman; One Day at a Time: Teaching Secondary Language Arts; and Books, Books, and More Books: A Parent and Teacher's Guide to Adolescent Literature.