Quick Thread Removal Tip

This is just a quick simple little trick that I realized tonight...for all I know it could be a well-known sewing trick that someone just failed to tell me. In case that someone failed to tell you, I thought I'd pass it on.

I really messed up a project I was working on tonight. I had to pull out the seam ripper and undo all of my stitching. I was left with a mess:


I started cutting and plucking when I saw the fabric shaver I'd used earlier on a sweater sitting on the table. I decided to give it a shot and was blown away with the results. In just a few minutes, almost all of the little strings were gone.

This is the fabric shaver we have. It was a wedding gift, and probably one of our most used ones at that. They're only about ten dollars at Target. You should own one if you don't.

I ran it along each side twice and within minutes these were my results:

I still had to get a few of them by hand, but not near as many as I would've without using this.

As you can see, it collected quite a bit of thread.

So, the next time you need to undo some stitching, reach for your fabric shaver, it'll save you a lot of time and headache!