Book Review~ The Day We Saved The World

Title: The Day We Saved The World
Genre: Children's, Middle Grades
Author: Katie Smotherman
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Alex Tice is an ordinary boy with an extraordinary power. On the day of his 13th birthday, Alex’s world is turned upside down. He learns a secret that has been kept quiet from ‘normal’ humans for centuries. When Alex is brought to a superhero camp, his wildest fantasies are suddenly a reality. Only, there are people in the world that are tired of hiding their powers and are ready to be known. What will that mean for society? Are the people of the world in danger?  

Come join Alex and his new super human friends as they live one adventure we never thought was possible. But before you start, you need to ask yourself one question… Do you believe in superheroes?

This is aimed at third-fifth grades, I would say. It has a lot of relatable humor and references for that age range. It could either be a group read aloud or an independent reading book. I think both girls and boys would quite enjoy this book. I enjoyed seeing all of the different powers and watching Alex develop his, as well as the little twist in the villain at the end. There are only a few things I didn't like. One is there is some "bathroom humor" that I know is completely typical of this age, it isn't allowed in our house though. There is only maybe one or two instances of it though, so I can overlook that. The second is that the build up to the end takes a lot of time, but the end itself is over fairly quickly. I would've liked to have seen more powers and people involved in the ending. 

Overall, I enjoyed this, and I think the kids it's aimed at will as well. It is very engaging and entertaining.

As an elementary school teacher, Katie is always trying to find new and inventive ways to engage her wiggly, energetic students. Her goal as a teacher is to share her love of reading and writing, so that the students may have a chance of unlocking the wonderful world of imagination through text. One day she assigned a writing piece that involved the students creating their own superpower. This was a huge hit! Katie would hear her students talking about superpowers at lunch, at the water fountain, coming into hang up their backpacks, and so on, and so on. That's when it hit her like a ton of bricks... Superheroes! Kids love them, and they want to be them. When this concept crept into her brain, it settled down and became a permanent resident. Katie dreamed about superheroes, and nine out of ten times they would awaken her at three in the morning. They would not vacate her imagination until she was upstairs on her laptop typing away. When she presented her new found thought to her class, they loved it!

Katie currently lives on a farm in southeast Colorado with her husband, her two children, and their bulldog Mary.