Book Review~ Joshua's Island

Title: Joshua's Island
Genre: Fiction, YA, Drama
                                                         Author: Patrick Hodges
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Joshua is small for his age. He has been bullied relentlessly for years, and all of his friends have drifted away from him. Eve is a pretty girl who has just been recruited into the popular girls’ clique. They couldn't be more different. But as they begin their final year of middle school, their lives intersect when they are paired together as lab partners in Science class.

At first reluctant to be near him, Eve soon realizes that not only is Joshua nothing like she’d been led to believe, but that their school hides a very nasty secret. The unlikely pair enter into a dangerous relationship that will teach them both the true meaning of friendship, loyalty, and most of all, love … a relationship that will not only change both of their lives forever, but the complexion of their entire school.

Joshua's Island is about bullying. It's about conquering you fears and standing up for yourself. It's about finding your inner strength and doing what's right. Mostly, though, it's about something that millions of kids face every day, as victims, bystanders, or bullies themselves. Bullying is a huge issue in our schools and communities all over the world. Patrick did a wonderful job exploring this topic from the viewpoints of two eighth graders who begin the school year on different sides of the playground, literally.

This is a very well written, emotional book. I was bullied through elementary and middle school quite severally, so I really related and understood a lot of what the main character, Joshua was going through. I really can't say enough good things about Joshua's Island. It does a great job of exploring a heavy topic, and I would suggest it to both parents and young teens to read and discuss together.

However, I do have one critique and one warning on that. There is way too much cursing for me to consider it appropriate to hand to a thirteen or fourteen year old. We don't allow it in our home, so as wonderful as this book is, I couldn't let my own children read it because of the excessive use of one curse in particular ((taking the Lord's name in vain)). I understand the use of some expletives to an extent, and wouldn't mind a few damns and hells at all. But, that particular curse just takes it too far for me, especially in a book geared toward young people that may be dealing with these issues. I would suggest a cleaner version, if not take them out entirely, they aren't necessary to the story line.

Other than that one thing, I absolutely loved this one and highly recommend it.


Sex? No. 
Language? Yes.
Drugs and alcohol? No.
Religion? No
Anything else? Yes, there is bullying which may be a trigger to some.

*I received a free e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.
*Thank you to The Indie View for connecting me to this author.