Book Review~ Living in the Seventh Day

Title: Living in the Seventh Day
Genre: Fiction, Christian Fiction, Women's Fiction
Author: Jeanetta Britt
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Jasmine Davis, Leeza Manchester, and Cristal Richardson are thrown together by a chance meeting at the Atlanta Airport during Hurricane Allee. During the long layover caused by the killer storm, these three, diverse women, who appear to have very little in common, form a lasting bond. They go their separate ways, but it’s not long before their own well-ordered plans spiral out of control. Will their lives be blown away like their broken dreams and the six-day reign of Hurricane Allee, or will they find the faith and courage to hold on and begin again…Living in the Seventh Day?

Living in the Seventh Day follows the life and hardships of three completely different women from completely different backgrounds. While they're all going through different things, they're all equally challenging in there own way. I found the characters enjoyable, entertaining, and easy to relate to. 

I did think that it was a little preachy at times. Yet, at other times I felt like things weren't handled in a Christian manner at all. Particular the end reaction to Jasmine's particular situation. Not to give too much away, but I do want to say that marriage is a sacred covenant and I have a hard time seeing that degraded in any way. I don't live under a rock, so I understand that these things happen, however, I felt her reaction to it was a little extreme/uncalled for. I would've really liked to have seen more interaction between the women throughout. Another small critique is that she consistently abbreviated and capitalized things that shouldn't have been. "My Dad..." "No." "Sis. so-and-so" I was quite annoyed with the frequency of these types of things. There weren't really misspelled words or poor grammar otherwise. 

Overall I liked that it was realistic and entertaining. I highly recommend reading this one if you like stories of overcoming obstacles, friendship and growing in faith. 


Sex? No. 
Language? No.
Drugs and alcohol? No.
Religion? Yes. Christianity.
Anything else? No.

Jeanetta Britt is a bestselling author and an award-winning poet who graduated with honors from Fisk University and The University of Michigan, and completed an executivecareer in Dallas. But she says, "Mygreatest asset is my faith in Jesus Christ. So I returned to my native Alabama to write Christian Fiction novels and Gospel Poetry...to share His love with the world. Join me, and let's take Christian Fiction over the top!"

*I received a free e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.
*Thank you to The Indie View for connecting me to this author.