Review~ Majestic Pure Essential Oil

I was given the chance to review Majestic Pure Lemon Essential Oil.  I want to preface this as I always do with oils by saying that you should NOT just jump into essential oils. They are highly concentrated and can be dangerous. Do your research and handle with care. Natural does NOT equal 100% safe. 

I love lemon essential oil and use it all the time in homemade cleaning products. A couple of drops with a light carrier oil like sweet almond and you have a natural "Pledge" for your wood surfaces. It also really helps to brighten and whiten, I like to use it with baking soda and vinegar when cleaning my all white shower and toilet.

The thing I particularly like about Majestic Pure's is that the bottle is quite large((4fl oz.)), it'll last quite some time. The next thing I really like is that it comes with both a lid and a glass dropper. I love this because it gives you a choice on how to store it. Many of my other oils have one or the other or you have to shake out the drops. I prefer the dropper method because I can easily see and determine the number of drops I'm using, which can be vital when working with essential oils. This is a high quality, cold press oil. 

I've also reviewed Majestic Pure's peppermint oil, and completely stand by it as well.  

Again, please do your research before diving in with essential oils.

*I received this product in exchange for my honest review all opinions are my own.