Book Review~ Persinette

Title: Persinette
Genre: Mythology, Fairy Tales
Author: Laura Christensen ((translator))
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A hundred years before Rapunzel, there was Persinette. Before the Old Witch ever locked Rapunzel in a tower, a Fairy set out to change Persinette's destiny. 
Read the French fairy tale that inspired the Grimm Brothers' "Rapunzel," learn about the authoress Mlle de La Force, and discover answers to questions such as why Persinette's father traded her for a fistful of parsley and how she survived for years alone in her wilderness. 
Includes translations of the French tale "Persinette" (1698), the Italian tale "Petrosinella" (1634), and the German tale "Rapunzel" (1812-57), along with background information on each of the tales and their authors.

This little book was absolutely fascinating to me. If I learned one thing it's that I've never truly read Rapunzel! Apparently every version I've read has been extremely cleaned up in some ways, yet made more adventurous in others.

I loved having all three different versions side-by-side along with the commentary and research on them as I read through each tale. Laura put a lot of time and consideration into her research, and it shows. I kept thinking how fantastic it would be to have older kids read and compare the different versions, and do a bit of their own research into the histories of the stories and the "old wive's tales" that influenced such stories as these. This is truly a fantastic, and fascinating read, and I would love to see more familiar fairy tales compared this way.


Laura Christensen is a French-to-English translator of all things fae, fairy, and fantasy. Check out her website to read French folklore and fairy tales at www.littletranslator.com

*I received a free e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.
*Thank you to The Indie View for connecting me to this author.