Book Promotion~ Encounters with the Master

Title: Encounters with the Master
Genre: Christian Short Stories
Author: Tesiri Moweta
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What happens when Iram the leper makes his way to the Serog? Jacob and his household collide with the threat of total annihilation when his sons slaughter all the men in the cities surrounding them. The doctors have given up on Adriana’s dad. Her mum is suffering from a stroke, and the family is facing a fierce legal battle. How could everything go wrong at the same time? Sir Jonathan Halberd, a debonair bachelor in Abbotsbury has found the lady of his heart, but she curtly refuses to marry him. How could any lady turn down someone like him?
Encounters with the Master plots out an assortment of interesting situations reflected in the bible days, allegorical milieus, the 18th century, and the world today. This intriguing collection of short stories, reveal the God whose power and existence cannot be ignored or denied, regardless of the time or place

Praise for Encounters with the Master:

It is difficult to say which of the stories in Encounters with the Master is a favourite because each brings with it a special message. However just like in Tesiri Moweta’s first book titled Changes, I like all the stories and the fact that the book communicates the simplicity of our intimacy with the Lord when He visits and explains how much He longs for our fellowship with Him. I like the training on finance. I like the message of Jacob and his secret place of succour, safety and help. I could go on and on. Encounters with the Master can heal the sick, bring salvation, and financially empower. It has so much wrapped into it. Well done Tesiri!
I just finished reading Encounters with the Master and I have to admit it was captivating. Couldn't drop it till I was done. It is a wonderful book that spoke to me. It is always refreshing to be reminded of the promises of God to those that love him in the midst of tribulations. It’s almost like a wake-up call for those things we forget about our creator and purpose on earth. Tesiri Moweta has written an awesome book and I didn't even know about it till I found it by chance. I hope God's word through her spreads fast and heal several broken hearts.