Book Review~ Grandpa Ben and the Hungry Little Monsters who Visit our Brians

Title: Grandpa Ben and the Hungry Little Monsters who Visit Our Brains
Genre:  Children's Picture Book
Author: Ben Hirshberg
Illustrator:  Tamara Antonijevic
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Did you know that little monsters sometimes visit our brains? Or that they have a diet of negative thoughts? In these pages Grandpa Ben teaches his grandson all about the monsters, and shows him how to send them packing. 

The little monsters are just a metaphor of course, symbolic for rumination, which is the process of dwelling on negative thoughts. This simple metaphor is a great way to understand how we can move on from unfortunate events, no matter their magnitude.


Grandpa Ben and The Hungry Little Monsters Who Visit Our Brains is beautifully illustrated and contains an important lesson from psychology, making it a great read for both kids and adults. 

This is a fantastic little picture book with a great message and wonderful talking points. We are foster parents, so negative thinking is something we have to tackle frequently around here. This short little book with great illustrations tackles that really well and talks about how to get rid of the 'monsters' in our brains. I read this with an elementary aged kiddo and we had a great discussion on how to handle negative thoughts and how they impact our daily lives and can make us think and act in negative ways. This is a great resource to have. Literally my only regret is that when they asked if I'd be willing to review it is that I borrowed it on Kindle Unlimited instead of begging for the print edition. I've added it to my wishlist, this is definitely a great resource to talk about emotions and feelings and how to handle them.  


Ben Hirshberg is a young author, health consultant, and entrepreneur from Seattle. Learning about positive psychology, behavioral psychology, personal finance, entrepreneurship, nutrition, and anything else health related makes him come alive. He also likes to cook, meditate, read, party, and go trail running. Ben is certified as a personal trainer by WITS and as a fitness nutrition specialist by NASM.