Book Review~ Our Moon

Title: Our Moon
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Jennifer Allen
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Ally Monroe can’t remember her name, let alone the eighteen years of her life before a car accident put her in a year-long coma. She wakes up to the reality that her parents are dead and she has amnesia.
Released from her long-term care facility to live with her twin brother, Alex, and older brother, Trevor, Ally tries to piece together what she can while attempting to live her life again. Enter Chase Baker, guitarist for her brothers’ rock band, JACT. There is something about him that Ally just can’t resist, but the mysteries of her past are looming in the back of her mind, threatening to destroy anything she tries to build with him.
Do Ally and Chase have a chance? Or is there a secret in Ally’s past that may get in the way?

I loved Our Moon. Is there really anything else to say? It's really well written, and in a way that I found unique and interesting. I like the two different points of view used to fill in the blanks and give the full sense of what's going on. I found myself completely tangled up in their relationship from the beginning. I loved watching Ally heal and hurt for her when she got overwhelmed. The relationship between her and her brothers was very realistic and entertaining to watch.

My only real complaint is that I felt the ending went a little fast. I see this a lot (and am TOTALLY guilty myself) authors get really excited when it's finally time to end the book after so much hard work and love that they get a little excited and rush it. But, even that isn't too bad or too fast, but I would've liked to have seen a little more meat in the end, as there was plenty in the rest of the book. But not too much. I also loved how it wasn't drug out with a lot of excess, but stuck to the story line.

I was most excited that this is a book about rock stars that wasn't an erotic novel! It might be just me, but every book I've read that centers around musicians is full of sex, drugs and parties. This one really isn't. And that was so refreshing!

Overall I was thoroughly impressed and look forward to Jennifer's next book.


Sex? No.
Language? Yes
Drugs and alcohol? No.
Religion? No.
Anything else? No.

I live in South Carolina with my husband and our fur-kids. When I’m not at my day job or taking classes, I am either reading or writing. Books have always been a passion! I also enjoy spending time with my family, traveling to new places, and music.
My Reading and Writing History
I started reading when I was young, I loved Golden Books, especially the mini-ones you’d get in a kid’s meal! As a preteen I read lots of R.L. Stine, and even some Stephen King! I hated the assigned readings in school because I didn’t like being told what to read, so I never read those.  As a young adult, I found interest in James Patterson – I love his crime dramas! I took a break from reading for fun for a bit when I decided to get my college degree and had to read loads of text books. But it was all over once I read Hopeless by Colleen Hoover. New Adult/Contemporary Romance is my genre of choice, to read and to write. I probably average reading a book or more a day. It’s a great addiction.
I’ve always enjoyed writing to an extent. I always liked to journal and blog. Since I’ve been reading new adult romance novels, I have been having ideas for what might be a great story line for a book. I fought with myself for a long time before finally starting my first book. I have no idea where it’s going to lead me, but you’ll never know unless you try.

*I received a free e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.
*Thank you to The Indie View for connecting me to this author.