Here I'll list your free books and your cheap ($1.99 or less) ebookscan be found over here.

Authors: Feel free to message me links and genre and I'll list all of your free books here. Once the freebie has expired, please let me know to come back and delete it or move it to the cheapies page, if it's less than $1.99. I will periodically check and update the lists. This is to help you find and promote books. I've divided them into a few major categories to the best of my abilities.

Readers: Double check prices before clicking "buy now" in case the price has increased. Also, while not required, I know the authors would love for you to leave a review after you've finished their book. I haven't read most of these, so I can't attest to their quality. However, if I have read it and it's awful, rest assured it isn't on the list!

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New/Young Adult:

General Fiction: