Book Promotion~ The Book of Wisdom

The Book of Wisdom
by Jeremy Falcon
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Book One in the four-volume historical novel series, The Harmony of the Spheres.
The Book of Wisdom is a journey from ancient Jerusalem to yesterday's Dublin on a hunt to find the very first song, and a quest to rediscover the bonds between religion and superstition, history and myth, art and reason, love and hate. 

A scribe fights to save his heritage. A professor seeks atonement for his mistakes. Both men, scholars separated by millennia, seek a pathway to the divine, sacrificing all to protect a sacred song. But while this melody is powerful, good and evil are hard to balance when heroes cannot tell magic from physics in a universe where both exist together. We fight for what we desire most, believing it to be for the good, but how can we know what is true when science is also a myth? And when a hero falls in battle, we pray that another will rise to take her place so that evil, if evil it is, will not overwhelm us all.

The Harmony of the Spheres series is a story spanning two-thousand years. From Roman Judea to today’s Chicago, the quest for an ancient melody becomes a desperate hunt from Egypt to Morocco, from Spain to Ireland––chasing a myth through time and across geography, while seeking answers in the proofs of reason and the verities of belief. It is a song of the universe and a tale of heroes who seek, not always successfully, to tell good from evil, and who love deeply, but often in vain.

The other books in the series, THE SWORD AND THE PEN, IN THE WELL OF LOST SOULS, and THE VERY FIRST SONG will be released one each year until the story is finished.


Jeremy’s web site: theharmonyofthespheres.com