Book Promotion~ The Secret Voice

Title: The Secret Voice
Genre: Amish Christian Fiction
Author: Bob Nailor
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The year is 1961. In a quaint, rural NW Ohio town, secrets are coming to light. Daniel Yoder, an Amish boy with a dream, wants to attend high school against the strict rules of the Amish church. Surprisingly, the Bishop and Daniel's father agree to let him attend. At school, Daniel meets the newly-hired chorus teacher, Julie Bronson, the sole black person in the all-white community. Julie discovers Daniel has the gift of song and tries to encourage his talent even against his Amish upbringing to never stand out. Together, this pair conquer adversity and the stresses pitting them against both religious stereotypes and racial segregation. Everyone has secrets: Daniel, Julie, the school board, Elizabeth - some are kept better than others. Still, secrets tend to surface. Nobody can hide from who they truly are in... The Secret Voice.

Bob Nailor is the author of several novels. “The Secret Voice” is his first endeavor in the Christian genre.  The sequel, “The New York Voice” will be released shortly. He normally writes science fiction, action/adventure, fantasy and horror but has found the Christian genre calling him. Visit his webpage: www.bobnailor.com