Book Review~ Larry the Lonely

Larry lives on the beautiful island of Mauritius, but he is not happy. He’s never met another dodo bird—not in his entire life—and feels very lonely.

One day, he decides to stop moping around and embark on a journey across the island to find a friend like himself. Along the way, he meets several other animals who take an interest in his mission and offer to help.

Is Larry the very last dodo bird, or might he finally find a friend? There’s only one way to find out: join Larry in his tropical adventure in this special prehistoric edition of the color-illustrated "Bird Brain Books" series.

Making friends is hard. Especially when there's no one like you. It's hard to venture out and accept friendship when everyone around you is a little different. Larry the Lonely does a great job of subtly talking about diversity, difference, and acceptence. Larry is lonely because there's no one like him and refuses friendships from animals that look different than him. I think that's something a lot of kids can relate to. Most kids feel different, whether they are or not.

Larry the Lonely led to a great discussion with an eight year old about how we all have something that makes us unique and different and that that isn't a bad thing. We need to spend time getting to know people different than us too. Different people with different abilities have a lot to offer us!

Overall, we really enjoyed this sweet little story and thought the illustrations were straightforward and well done. We would read another from this series!

*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
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