Book Review~ The Lion

Title: The Lion
Author: Brianna Baker
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Length: 24 pages
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Five friends create a kingdom in the woods by mapping out their land and burying their treasures in a box. One day one of the five notices a treasure missing from his box. He follows footprints through the woods, which lead him to an interesting new friend. What children can gain from this story: This book is great for early readers as well as a fun story for older kids. The illustrations encourage readers to be attentive to detail and notice mapping and hidden imagery. This book shows young boys placing value on empathy, creativity, and generosity in their friendships rather than rough play. This book engages children's social and emotional awareness by encouraging them to accept differences and be open to new friendships.

We loved this little book. The illustrations are gorgeous. I thought that the story line was too simplified, even for the younger readers to get much out of it, but my foster daughter surprised me by giving a lot of interesting feedback on not bullying and accepting people as they are. She got a lot more out of it than I anticipated, so that was a pleasant surprise. It is very open-ended though, and excellent for discussion starting. I really would have liked to see more meat to the story, but overall I found it a great starting point on acceptance and friendship. Again, the illustrations in this are really beautiful, and probably my favorite part. I'd like to see more stories focusing on this little campground.

*I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review