Book Review~ Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Title: Today, Tomorrow, Forever
Author: K A Duggsy
Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Length: 83 pages
Purchase: Amazon

**WARNING*** Please note this novella contains some scenes you may find distressing.18+ Only. 

Enola Elias suffered an horrific attack at the hands of her abusive ex James Stanwell. Years later still physically and emotionally scarred, struggling with debilitating self doubt and trust and anxiety issues she attempts navigating through life again starting with a blind date. She meets Carey Cooper who is dealing with his own demons after his mothers death and fathers suicide. He's become unenamoured with life and is just going through the motions. 

When they encounter each other again, their barriers begin to break and they take a chance on one another. Enola starts learning to trust her choices again and open her heart and Carey learns to feel again, to laugh. 

Learning that her ex James is due to be released from prison unleashes painful emotions and memories of a past Enola is still trying to overcome. 

Mistakes have been made and someone has to pay. 

Will Carey and Enola get their Today, Tomorrow, Forever?

First off, I love the different viewpoints in this book. You get to experience the book through Enola and Carey eyes. I became emotionally connected to the characters from the start.
The book starts with a brief account of Enola’s kidnapping. Her ex-boyfriend was very abusive to the point of kidnapping and raping her repeatedly and ends up in prison.
Enola is struggling consistently to overcome her fear and anxiety. The author hits home describing Enola’s anxiety attacks. Her constant worry in social situations makes her relatable and as a reader who struggles with anxiety, I get it.
As typical with most romance novels, the main characters fall for each rather quickly…. to be expected. In this instance, it works. Both Carey and Enola express their feelings rather well and I found myself pulling for them. Then tragedy strikes, bringing me to tears almost instantly. Be ready!
Normally I love books to have the happy ending we all strive for. That being said (without any spoilers) I can’t see how the second book will be any happier. Honestly, I only see it being more tragic. I will most likely read the second book. The author has drawn me into a genre I don’t normally go for. I need to know what happens! I give this book a 3.5 Star review. It is written in the most captivating way. You can’t help but love these characters.

I gave it 3.5 only because the climax ended so abruptly. I wanted more...and maybe it's because there is another book in the series after this.