Book Review~Knight of the Heart

Title: Knight of Hearts
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Author: Suzie Quint
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They have a deal: Rachel will teach the newly divorced Mac to date again, and he'll accompany her to her brother's wedding. Seems like a straight forward trade, but when Mac decides the kisses he wants can only be found on Rachel's lips, he sabotages all her efforts to find him another woman.

Rachel's never met a man more inept at meeting women. If he's not sharing inappropriate information, he's hitting them with the worst come-on lines she's ever heard. The man can't even do a decent Texas Two-Step. If she didn't need a date to her brother's wedding so desperately . 

So many things I loved about Knight of the Heart! Mac isn't all suave and charming with the ladies, but instead is a bit of a bumbling fool who says all of the wrong things. Rachel is strong and fiercely independent, even though her family tries to hover and control/protect her from herself and everyone around her. Rachel's brothers are just like the overprotective, slightly off-center, loving brothers I always wished I had. The relationship between Mac and Rachel develops slowly and starts out as something else, which always interests me. And it kept me turning the pages and not wanting to put it down.

All that said, I do have a few critiques. First, his obsession with her neck was a little creepy in the beginning, thankfully it petered off, but I was a little concerned there for a minute! Second, if you read my reviews often, then you know how I feel about rape culture and consent. If you don't know, I find them to be vital and get my hackles up when I feel an author skates too close to the line there. Where the actual sex part is concerned, Suzie handled this really well. However, there's a comment that just got under my skin and stuck under it.

"...I think there is a point of no return. If a woman changes her mind after she's let a man get to that point, she's got no grounds to cry rape. If she's voluntarily taken off her clothes and let a man inside her, it's too late to change her mind. That's how I see the world. You don't play those kinds of games. You don't play with fire and then complain when you get burned."
Now. Just a wait a minute there, Mister. No. A woman (or a man) has a right to say no at any point. ANY point. Period. The end. No ifs ands or buts. No means no. End of story. I have been with my husband for over eight years and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can say no, with words or my body at any point and that will be it. No anger. No guilt. No shame. Just respect for me and my feelings. Women do not owe men anything, whther they're clothed, naked, kissing, or about to climax. All human beings deserve dignity and respect. This is rape culture, my friends, and I won't stand for it. It isn't playing games if you shut down and can't continue. You obviously have a need that isn't being met. If this ever happens to you, don't you dare let anyone make you feel shamed or guilted over it. If they do, just send 'em my way and I'll give 'em what for. You don't treat people that way. 

Phew, okay. Got that off my chest. Now, I do need to go back after that tangent and defend Suzie and Mac. Throughout the rest of the book he is completely responsive and respectful to all verbal and non-verbal signs and requests. When push comes to shove his above statement goes right out the window and he doesn't actually follow through with what he says there. So that was awesome and had me applauding him.Regardless of that one instance she did handle the rest really well.   

But that statement is still really dangerous. I don't ever want anyone to think that maintaining that type of attitude is okay. Ever. It's not. That's the kind of crap that leaves rapes unreported, women scarred, and men thinking they can get away with whatever they want. Just no.

Again, even though he made the comment, his actions did speak louder than his words. However those words hit me like a freight train and stuck with me, keeping me on edge for much of the book after that. I don't want to tear Suzie down or deter you from reading it, it is a good book. But I would be remiss if I didn't at least talk about it. I always feel like I need to do PSAs on this type of thing!

Anyway, overall I still loved and thoroughly enjoyed this book as I watched them both grow and change and overcome obstacles of their past and each work toward a new future. I loved Mac and Rachel and would love to read more in this series.    

*I was given a review copy in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.