Book Review~My Sunny Vampire

Title: My Sunny Vampire
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Author: Stacy McKitrick
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After centuries alone in darkness, how far will a vampire go for Sunshine? 

Jack VanAllen has spent his long life following the rules and, as a member of the Vampire Committee, he also enforces them. So, when he awakens in an alley next to an illegally-turned vampire who resembles his late wife, he must prove his innocence or suffer the punishment: death. The problem? He doesn't remember a thing. 

Sunshine Petersen's life as a vampire isn't getting off to a great start. She's got no control over her powers, can't find a job, and sexy Jack is being stand-offish. The only thing she'd like more than catching the creep who turned her is getting Jack into the closest bed. But, could Jack be the one who turned her? 

When he and Sunny team up to find the culprit, Jack discovers feelings he hasn't had in years. But once Sunny finds out he's keeping a major secret, she disappears. Unfortunately, the man who turned her still has plans. . . 

CONTENT WARNING: Some graphic violence, sensual sex scenes, and a vampire who's finally found his ‘sun'

I go back and forth on vampires. Sometimes I like them, sometimes I don't. Generally when I don't like them it's because they're too good and too perfect and have no issues staying hidden and avoiding the sun and convincing pretty mortal girls to fall all over them. What I really enjoyed about these vampires is that they have weaknesses and are flawed. I found the characters easy to relate to and likable in their own rights.

Aside from being about vampires it's about love, redemption, and self-discovery. I loved watching Sunshine adjust to vampire life and enjoyed her stubbornness and determination, even when she constantly got herself into...interesting predicaments! This was a fun and exciting read. I would absolutely read more by this author.

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