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Lady J was kind enough to do an interview with me, just for you fine folks! She even included an excerpt for us!Read it below and make sure to connect with her on Facebook and Goodreads! 
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1. Tell us a little about your book.
Forever Marked is a romantic suspense. 
Ellora Belle Sutherland is a 23 year old tomboy. She is forced to flee the country after a brutal attack has left her permanently scared. The reader is let in on exactly what happened that night, through her horrific nightmares. They unfold a piece at a time leaving the reader, wanting to know more.
The man hunting her, Dalton Ramsey Claiborne, is powerful. Ruthless. Unstoppable. He wants Ellora and the more she runs from him, the deeper his obsession becomes. He won't stop until she is his. 
Dalton sends a detective that works as his P.I. to find her, now that she's disappeared. But the more Detective Dominic Antonelli finds out, the more determined he is to protect her from the very man he works for.
Ellora meets a local in the Harbor town she hides in and sparks fly. Behr is immediately drawn to her. Unlike the rest of the townies, he can see through her story. He knows she's hiding something. She is jumpy and anxious all the time. He vows to himself to get to the bottom of it. To gain her trust and possibly her heart.
But as more details unfold it becomes a race to see who can find Ellora first...
The detective 
Or one of Dalton's men.

2. Did this book go exactly how you envisioned, or did it take on a mind of its own at some point?
This book totally took over once I really got started!  I was just as surprised by how it ended, because it is completely different than how I originally planned. BTW I'm a pantser. ;-)

3. What about your characters? Did they ever surprise you by going in a different direction than you intended them to?
 I had a general idea for Dominick - the detective's character, and he stopped me in my tracks like, "nope" I'm not doing that! Dalton Ramsey Claiborne ended up being for more twisted than I thought. His character pretty much wrote himself. 

4. How do you decide on character names, attitudes, and appearance?
I think up my characters names first then their personalities come forward. Names mean a lot to me and I research each one. Except for Behr, he was part of my original dream and he named himself. Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes

5. Where do you find inspiration for writing?
One tiny little dream inspired Forever Marked. After a few chapters, the characters themselves inspired the rest of the series. I fell in love with them and wanted more.

6. What made you decide to start writing?
It's not unusual that I have bizarre dreams, I compare notes with my twin sister all the time. But the prologue was actually in my dream. It was so intense that when I woke up I started writing it down. Three chapters later I let my twin sister know what I was up to. I let her read it and she flipped. She encouraged me to keep going until I was done. (She forced me to let her read every chapter I finished... Mistakes and all).

7. What's the longest amount of time you've dealt with writer's block?
I haven't experienced writers block yet. But In order to get into the zone... Music IS A MUST. it sets the stage for the emotions I have to write. I'm selective with what I play and some I've worn out the repeat button lol.

8. I reward myself for writing with chocolate, pie, or Facebook. Do you give yourself any incentive for writing?
I'm a sucker for peanut butter cups, snickers and Angry Orchard. Which I gift myself after every chapter written!!

9. Do you have a daily word goal?
My goal is at least 1k every night if not more.

10. Is there a specific place you prefer to write?
I have my very own reading nook/office. I love reading and writing in there. I looove my over stuffed club chairs. 

11. What are you reading right now?
I am reading two books right now, A Vision in Time by BA Dillon... Looove her! And The Angels Name by Selena Rivera. Such a sweet book so far :-)

12. Do you write in the same genre that you read? Why/why not?
Yes I do. I enjoy all genres, but I REALLY love when the book gets my heart racing in intensity or fear.

13. Do you have a reading guilty pleasure? What is it?
Reading guilty pleasures... Hmmmm cough cough, vampires cough ;-)

14. Do you have any hobbies or activities that you enjoy?
I love to shoot big guns with the hubs and go camping.

15. Tell us a little about your family and daily life.
I have three beautiful daughters, two fur babies - Bones, a blue heeler and Geno a boxer. And my handsome hubby. My house is usually a zoo in the mornings which is why I'm a night owl when writing. ... When's school starting? Lol ;-D I could imitate the Tasmanian Devil and the road runner very well, as I go around trying to clean up after them all.

16. Are you working on anything specific right now?
I just finished a short story prequel to Forever Marked titled Beauty Beneath the Mask, in an Anthology with 11 other amazing authors. It's coming out in October and the title of the Anthology is Tales of the Night. And I'm already halfway through the second book in the series, Forever Marked: Beyond Redemption. Which I'm absolutely in love with. 

17. Can you give us any hints or teasers?
I would loooove to give you a teaser from book two but it will give away too much for this one. Boooo. I could give you a teaser excerpt for the prequel. *See below for excerpt.

18. Do you have any hidden talents?
Hidden talents hmmm ... my twin sister and I have a powerful mental connection. Sometimes we just KNOW things. And it freaks other people out. Including my husband. I have a lot of stories, just ask and I'll tell you a couple ;-)

19. Most importantly, what's your favorite dessert?
Dessert yummy... I looooove fudgy gooey brownies. Great now I'm drooling. Grabs keys and runs to the car. 

Beauty Beneath 
the Mask
By Lady J
Copyright© 2015
Copyright © 2015 by Jesse Lorenzo
All rights reserved worldwide
The greatest act of courage is to be and to own all of who you are –Without apology, without excuses, and without masks…
~Debbie Ford
Sometimes we hide behind our masks to protect ourselves.
Halloween is the most remarkable time of year. For one day, you can put on a mask and be transformed into anyone you want to be.  And have the courage to reach out to others and form a relationship for who they truly are inside. Without fear of judgement, or the prejudices that blind us when viewing ones outside
“C’mon Adelle. You’ll thank me for this later,” Leiah tugged on Adelle’s arm, practically out of the socket. She would’ve been kicking and screaming, but who was she kidding. Leiah was her only friend. She wouldn’t risk losing her over something as stupid as a make-over.
“Alright, alright. I’m going don’t get your knickers in a twist. Really, I don’t know why this is so important to you.”  Adellestared at her sad reflection in the unflattering mirror in the waiting room.  “Because, it’s your last night in Portree. Because, it’s Halloween, so it’s a time to be whoever the hell you wannabe. And because it’ll be a fresh start for your new life.” Her friend ticked off all the reasons on her fingers. “Not to mention I’ve been dying to transform your outer beauty so that it finally matches your inner beauty.” 
Adelle smiled at her positively chipper friend. Leiah was a driven, stubborn woman and she loved her for it. She’d hate to admit it, but she knew she was right, too. Her lack of concern for her outer appearance has gone on long enough. It was finally time for a new look, to match her new life. Now was a time to move forward. Adelle allowed herself to get excited over all her future possibilities, that is, until she heard the wretched high-pitched voice of her childhood tormenter. 
“Oh my god. Look girls… ‘Ronnie’s here to touch up her clown make-up. Shannon walked up to Adelle and Leiah, flanked by her equally bitchy clones. Adelle cringed at the over used nick name given to her as a kid. Her naturally bright red hair was out of control with kinky curls and untamed frizz. Her very pale complexion helped complete the visual of the clown character she now despised, the very same one who represented a popular burger chain. It’s not like she refused to help herself out. It’s just that she was the only girl and youngest sibling of four brothers. She was never taught how to tame her wild lioness hair or learn how to apply her own make-up. In fact, by the time that kind of thing mattered to all the girls around her, she was already considered an outcast. 
Not knowing what else to do, Adelle just accepted it. After all, she knew who she was and didn’t want to change for any one. If they didn’t like her for such a superficial reason as that, than fuck them. Pardon her French. As previously mentioned, she grew up with four brothers. And they all adored her, since the moment she was born. If one would just close their eyes and ignore her outward appearance, you’d swear she was born a princess. Her brothers literally tripped over themselves to cater to their baby sister. 
Unfortunately, that love and adoration didn’t help her where school was concerned. They were much older than she, and already in and out of college. She also never told them about her troubles at school. She knew they would want to come to her aid and ‘do’ something about it. She didn’t want that. They were successful and hard working. She didn’t want to get any of them in any trouble over something as stupid as her looks, or lack thereof. But at least she would always have four doting brothers and one feisty best friend in her corner. No matter what! 
Shannon broke into Adelle’s daydream when she continued ridiculing her. “So, Ronnie, I’ll have a cheeseburger, fries, and a diet coke, please.” Adelle never rolled over and took her crap though, she always gave it right back to her. The bullied girl wasn’t afraid of Shannon, or her friends. She just despised them all a great deal for making her life miserable most of the time. “Oh wow Shannon, that dig was a lot like your dye job… pretty SHITY!” Leiah snorted as she choked on her laughter.
Shannon sneered at her as other patrons in the salon laughed at Adelle’s witty comeback. She stalked over to where they stood and jabbed Adelle in the chest with her boney finger. “What I don’t understand is how can someone born in the same family as all your smoking hot brothers, ever turn out as hideously ugly as you. Is that why your mother left? Because she took one look at you and regretted immediately that she didn’t have you aborted?”
Adelle’s mouth hung open in utter shock. The cruel statement felt like a punch to the gut, it stole away all her air. This was an incredibly low-blow, even for Shannon. Adelle’s mother was a flitty, free spirited, wild child. She left her family behind because she didn’t want to be tied down. She tried the ‘family life’ but once Adelle was born, she’d had enough. Leaving them all behind with just the clothes on her back, they’d never heard from her again.  Adelle, having been caught tongue tied, just dipped her head low. She would rather be sipping tea with the devil, than hear another word from this Bitch.  
“SHANNON!” The loud booming voice at the doorway made everyone jump in surprise. It was Behr. Shannon’s on-again, off-again boyfriend. He was good friends with the youngest of Adelle’s brothers. He was a genuine, good hearted guy who’s always treated Adelle like his kid sister. It was usually extremely irritating, but at times like this, thankfully appreciated. 
“I don’t want to hear you say something as ugly as that to her EVER again. Understand?” Behr scolded her like a child. A very evil child. Shannon continued her assault, undeterred by Behr’s intimidating appearance. “What? It’s not like she doesn’t know that she’s disgusting.” Leiah came up to stand beside her friend.  “What the hell does someone like Behr see in someone like HER?” In a very small voice only she could hear, Adellemurmured truthfully, “Because she doesn’t look like someone like me.”  
It’s not like she wanted to be friends with Shannon and her clones. She didn’t want to be popular, or any other lame thing like that. She just wanted, for once, to either be treated with respect. Or if nothing else, to be left alone. She no longer wanted to feel like she did in this moment… Like she was human garbage. Unworthy of kindness or love, just because she looked different than everyone else. She didn’t want to be convinced of hating herself, but it was a constant internal battle to remind herself that she wasn’t a worthless nothing.
Adelle stood there frozen on the spot. Her eyes cast downward, embarrassed and ashamed. Overwhelmed with the powerful hollow emptiness she felt deep inside. Fresh tears burned behind her lids, threatening to spill over. But, after years of being tormented and publically ridiculed, she learned to hold them at bay until she was alone. Only then would she let them fall freely. She would never give them the satisfaction of seeing her cry. 
“Hey brat. You okay?” Adelle looked up, void of all emotion, all her guards firmly in place. She looked directly into the eyes of the object of her constant day-dreams. Gavin. Behr’s best friend and the town play boy. He. Was. Gorgeous. He definitely was the very definition of “pretty boy.” Adelle had an enormous crush on him for years. She lived right next door to him for many years growing up. Even then he was the most beautiful child in town. And she loved him at first sight.  After a few fun filled years, Adelle’s father was forced to move into a smaller house further away from the much sought after harbor homes. That’s when things started to change. 
Instead of chasing frogs and balls, Gavin started chasing girls. And puberty had been a cruel reality for Adelle. One that neither her father, nor brothers knew how to help her through.  Yes, their relationship changed as they grew. But, Gavin wasn’t the typical popular pretty-boy, arrogant, douchebag you’d expect. Gavin and Behr both treated her respectfully, which was a plus.
They were a few years older than she was and the object of every woman’s desire in town. Call her crazy… you wouldn’t be the first… but, every once in a while Adelle had a fleeting thought that Gavin may possibly like her a little more than a friend. Every now and then she would catch glimpses of Gavin looking at her in a certain way that made her insides turn to jelly. Kinda like the way he was looking at her right then.
With his head cocked to the side, and a sinfully playful smirk on his face, he looked on her as if he could see through Adelle’sneglected fashion sense. And just see her. The real girl hidden beneath the surface. “Don’t worry about her. She’s just a nasty bitch. Everyone knows it.” Gavin tucked a runaway ringlet hanging in her face, behind her ear. Before the tongue tied girl could think of something genius to say in that heart fluttering moment, a few local ladies walked in. “Hi Gavin,” they gushed. “Can’t wait for your famous Halloween party tonight.” 
Gavin looked up and smiled brilliantly at them. The loss of connection made Adelle a tad jealous. “Hey ladies. I look forward to seeing you there. And your costumes.” He winked at them and they giggled. Adelle inwardly rolled her eyes.
And there it was. His very big flaw. Gavin was a ladies man. And a major player. His belt had so many notches in it already, he was due for a new one to mark up. “Thanks Gavin. I’ll see you around. Don’t keep your fan girls waiting.” Adelle stepped to the side and was bumped roughly as the girls took her place in front of the object of their desire.  He reached past his groupies and grasped Adelle’s elbow, halting her. “Hey sweetie, I’m having a Halloween party tonight at my place. If you’ve got a costume, I’d love to see you there.” His serious eyes broke through Adelle’s protective wall that surrounded her heart. She felt it swell and the dull ache turned to a fluttering warmth. She couldn’t resist him when he looked at her like that. 
Shannon’s high pitched cackle broke their private moment. “She doesn’t need a costume. She’ll scare more people if she goes as herself,” She mocked as she hovered inside of the door, waiting on her group to follow. “I’m ready to go. Now,” she commanded. 
Adelle pointed at Shannon, but her eyes never left Gavin’s. “That! Is exactly the reason why I wouldn’t step foot into that party, Gavin. Not in a million years!” Gavin looked back at Shannon, when his head came back around anger shone on his reddened face. He wouldn’t say anything out of respect for Behr, but she could tell he was sick and tired of having her around all the time. He reluctantly dragged himself out of the shop, never taking his eyes off of the broken hearted girl.