Book Review~ Randy Bamboo: in Hog Heaven

Title: Randy Bamboo: in Hog Heaven
Author: RC Beaird
Genre: Children's 
Length: 50 pages
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After raising chickens in “Chicken City,” Randy is ready to try his hand at pigs. “I felt I discovered my future occupation. These animals were so weird, they were cool. They all seemed to be asking, demanding, or begging for something with their wide range of grunts and squeals. Raising pigs would never be boring. We laughed and stared for hours. Rita's different grunts and squeals were better than any Saturday morning cartoon.”
We love the Randy Bamboo books. You can see my review of Randy Bamboo in Chicken City here. When this one arrived I had a very proud and excited young lady who now thinks that she too reviews books! 

These are really cute picture books about life on the farm. There are some very realistic life situations along with all of the fun, crazy antics as well. One of the things I really like is that it talks about how much work raising animals is, even though he enjoys doing it and there's a lot of fun to be had in doing it. I really like the emphasis that hard work can be enjoyable. 

The other thing I really like is that there are vocabulary words and discussion questions in the book. I thought this was a great addition and helped open up some great discussion and allowed us to talk about things like foreshadowing.  

*I was sent a free paperback in exchange for an honest review.