Book Review: Innocent! The Husband's Cry: Who Murdered my Wife?

Title: Innocent! The Husband's Cry: Who Murdered My Wife?
Author: Jeanine Bradwell
Genre: Fiction, Mystery
Length: 18 Pages
Purchase: Amazon

The spouse is always the first to be blamed, suspected when there is a murder. What is the difference between evidence and perception of evidence? Is he really guilty and just not smart enough to get away with it? Is he innocent? Clearly there was a murder, but who did it? Is it clear or an unsolved mystery? Of course the husband is going to Cry Innocent. Wouldn't you?

While I found the concept and plot here intriguing and interesting, I found the execution to fall incredibly short. While it's a short read and intriguing enough to take you to the end, it really, really, REALLY needs an editor. Quotation marks are literally used once in the entire thing. There are several conversations that take place, so they are certainly necessary.

I have no issues excusing an editing mistake or ten, we all make them. However, when it entirely detracts from the book and makes it difficult to read, that's an issue. I had a hard time keeping up with who was speaking because there were no quotations or even line breaks or anything else to denote who was speaking when.

I think if she were to sit down with a good editor and add some more meat and intrigue that this could be a great read. As it sits, however, it's just not there. It's very choppy and reads like a quickly written synopsis that was never even glanced over before publishing. I hate being so negative but it was very difficult to read.

Again, if there was more story line, more meat and mystery to the book this could have been a very interesting read. As is, it isn't. At all.