Book Review~ Memoirs of Mayhem

Title: Memoirs of Mayhem
Author: Amber Christensen
Genre: Humor, Parenting
Length: 156 Pages
Purchase: Amazon

Memoirs of Mayhem drops the reader smack into the middle of the chaos going on in both the author's house, bursting with four little boys, and in her own mind as she navigates the ever-changing, ever-challenging world of parenthood. 

Packed with a lot of humor, a little bit of sass, and a touch of emotion, parents from all walks of life will relate to the funny and touching stories inside this book. Discover that you are not alone in your own parenting journey, or in the feelings you encounter along the way, as you also find that even mundane tasks like doing laundry can be comical. 

Raid your secret treat stash, put yourself in timeout, and ignore the messes your kids make while you laugh at someone else's.

You know when you meet a fellow mom at the playground or a birthday party and you sit and exchange stories of parenthood? That's this book in a nutshell. Her stories of life with four boys made me laugh, cringe, and want to hug her. It's always reassuring to see that your life isn't the only one that feels like utter chaos.

One thing that really stood out to me is Amber's love and respect for her husband Nick. Even when she was talking about the things that annoy her she did so with love, charity, and understanding. That's something that is sorely lacking in the world of marriage today, so I applaud her for noticing her contribution, her husband's lack of mind reading ability, and that it takes two people to make a marriage work. It stood out to me that there were things she admitted were silly that she does instead of justifying them, like giving her husband the silent treatment. I think we're all guilty of that from time to time.

While majority of the book is laugh-out-loud funny and completely relateable, there were a few moments that had me teary eyed like the story about Quinn and soccer. I was a ridiculous blubbering mess. This was a great read and I really felt like I was just hanging out with Amber and chatting over a cup of spiced chai.

*In exchange for an honest review I was given a free paperback