Book Review~ Today, Tomorrow, Forever. Carey's Revenge

Title: Today, Tomorrow, Forever. Carey's Revenge 
Author: KA Duggsy
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Length: 70 Pages
Purchase: Amazon

18+ only. Please note this is the second book in a series, if you haven't read Today, Tomorrow, Forever (Book 1) this book may not make any sense. This is the final book in this series. 

Carey Cooper met and then lost, the love of his life Enola in a matter of weeks. 
He’s a changed man, drowning in the depths of his despair and consumed with the need for vengeance. He wants nothing more than to be re-united with his love again but first he needs revenge. 
With the help of his younger brother Carter, Enola’s father-Jack and his source Leela, he hunts for James, the person responsible for his never ending cycle of pain. He has a clear plan and is determined to carry it out. But in his haste has he chosen to trust the wrong people? 
James is holed up with a parolee he met, he’s in hiding and has no intention of returning to jail- this time on a murder charge. He wants revenge too. He loved Enola and never meant for things to end the way they did, for that he blames Carey. He’s put a plan in place for Carey, to end this once and for all. 
Carey teeters on the edge of sanity, he’s angry at the world and slowly losing his grip on reality. And as he finds out, sometimes to catch a monster you first have to become one. 

I was surprised by the end this whole story. It kept me interested. Carey is broken after the first book. He falls into a deep depression (as I'm sure most would) witnessing everything he did. Until someone approaches him with the location of James and his revenge. I found myself wondering "is he really going to do it?" "he couldn't possibly kill someone" But his resolve was unwavering. The build up was agonizing! Like the first novella, I liked the story. I just wanted more from the climax. It was built up so much, then BAM done. I give Carey's Revenge 3 stars. I wanted more from the climax. Other then that, it was well written and I liked the characters.