Book Review~ Ishel

Title: Ishel
Author: Theresa DaLayne 
Genre: YA, Mythology
Length: 61  Pages

Trapped between duty and desire, even a goddess is forced to choose.

When Ishel falls madly in love, the Mayan goddess is left with a choice. Fulfill her royal obligation and marry the god of war, or follow her heart and elope wit the deity who has true claim over her heart--Kinich, ruler of the sun.

Determined to have Ishel as his wife, the god of war will stop at nothing to ensure their betrothal. Left with no other choice, she flees the heavens. But there is more at stake than even a goddess can foresee. An unexpected surprise awaits...One destined to challenge her immortality.

Without the goddess to tend to mankind’s plants and flowers, the middle world will surely perish. And how will she live on to protect the single person who needs her most?

I had never heard of Mayan mythology before, so this was all completely new to me! However, I found the story well written and engaging. I was completely hooked and would love to read more and continue the series! I don't think a short story has ever made me cry before...well, there's a first time for everything! There were some pretty intense moments in Ishel that had me reading as quickly and intently as I could. This is a beautiful and moving story. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this and am excited to read more!