Book Review~ Roulette Romance: Becoming Miss Taylor

Title: Roulette Romance: Becoming Miss Taylor (Set of books 1-3)
Author: Anna Lunde
Genre: Women's Fiction, Coming of Age
Length: 259 Pages
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Falling in love should never be this easy. 

Mat Taylor is untouchable. An Australian country girl, she doesn’t date, she doesn’t fall in love and, oh yeah... she doesn’t dance after the love of her life left her standing alone on the dance floor at their Pro-Am Dance Championship debut. 

Now in her last year of pre-med, Mat can’t seem to hold her life together. Her professor is on her back about her grades, her best friend can’t shake off his one night stand, and at the Cloudland ballroom, where Mat waits tables, a mysterious taxi dancer keeps ignoring her no matter how much she stalks him around the dance floor. 

Her world may be falling apart, but Mat has a plan. It might be risky, crazy, and a little cheeky, but that has never stopped her before. She’s got the spunk to pull it off, if only she can let go of the one who has her heart. 

*This is Book Set 1, which includes Beginner’s Luck, Let’s Play, and Shake The Dice. Together they create the first novel-length volume of the Roulette Romance Series. 

About the Series 

When all the romances of your life happen at once... 

Trained to fall in love with everyone she dances with, Mat Taylor works in a world of fantasy where the nights are always young and the foolish always play. 

Roulette Romance is about an unconventional girl hiding from love in all the wrong places. Provocative and playful, this epic ensemble story, presented as a novella series, unravels a labyrinth of secret romances as the lives of studio dancers entwine. Set during the unapologetic 80’s, when political incorrectness was at its peak and transparency described see-through clothing, the retro Australiana backdrop portrays the colourful language, character, culture and landscape of the land Down Under.

As you can likely surmise from my individual reviews of this series, I'm pretty split on how I feel. On the one hand the writing is really great and I really enjoy the plot and the overall idea of the story. On the other hand though, I have quite a few issues. One of the big ones being that because it switches POVs so frequently and with so many different people, it's very difficult to really get a feel for any of them. By the end of three novellas I really expected to know Mat a lot better than I do. I understand Anna's reasoning behind so many switches, but it's still hard to keep up with.

Another issue I have is with these types of serials in general. All put together the first three novellas equal about the same number of pages as the average e-book I pick up to read. It looks like there will be at least eight of these parts, and if the size of each installment remains the same then you're looking at it being altogether the length of two decent sized books. Economically that just doesn't make sense for voracious readers like myself. I always have at least one book going at a time, usually more. I mean, if you're a casual once in a while reader, then sure, buying eight novellas at $.99 a pop isn't a huge deal, but when you're reading as much as I do that's a little unreasonable. If I were determining on my own (without being asked and gifted a copy) whether or not to start this series, I would probably pass honestly. And only because of the way it's broken down. I would rather buy a few books of the same overall length for that price than one book in many pieces. 

The other thing about serials that bothers me is that I have absolutely zero patience. I don't want to sit here and wait impatiently for you to release eight or more parts to the book I'm enjoying. I like it. I want to sit down and get wrapped up in your world without having to take a break for a few months at a time. It completely throws off the flow of the characters and the story. 

Don't mistake what I'm saying here. I have no problem with series like Harry Potter where it's the same characters throughout and each book is full-length and deals with one major issue that's solved at the end, though other problems run throughout. I have no problem paying full price for a full book. I just would never be able to justify paying so much for pieces of a book. 

Sorry, I got off on bit of a side tangent there. Back to this series and these novellas. I do like them. I like the writing style very much. I'm enjoying the overall story line and I really, really do want to see how it ends. I know I've been awfully critical, but it's in what I hope is a constructive way. As I've said repeatedly, I am enjoying this series. Very much. I do like the writing style. I am quite glad that the first three parts are available in one cohesive book and I hope she does that with the rest as well.         

*I was given a free e-copy in exchange for an honest review.